Wild Coast Challenge

What is the Wild Coast Challenge?

The unique Transkei coastline provides a scenic yet challenging setting for this three-day trail event, with the 120 km from The Haven (Cwebe) to Crawfords Beach Lodge (Chintsa) covering a diversity of testing terrains, from the low-lying coastal forest, sheer cliff faces, narrow goat paths and soft sandy beaches changing daily with the moving tides.

Since its inception in 2012, the RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge has become renowned in East London as the ultimate bucket list event for trail enthusiasts. Participants must carry their own hydration and food for each day and, depending on the tides and water levels, be ready to swim several rivers. The route is completely unmarked, the only advice is ‘keep the sea on your left.’

How far are the daily distances?

Day One: approx 43 km
(The Haven – Kob Inn Hotel)

Day Two: approx 40 km
(Kob Inn – Seagulls)

Day Three: approx 45 km
(Seagulls – Crawfords Beach Lodge)

What is the route?

The route is completely unmarked, the only advice from race organiser Liam Victor being- ‘keep the sea on your left.’

It covers a mixture of terrains, comprising virgin beach stretches, rocks and boulders, grassy hillocks, narrow goat paths, sand dunes, hiking trails, old Jeep tracks and short sections of gravel.

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Event Information

Country: South Africa Province: EC Event type: Run Stage Distance: 120 km Event date: 6 March, 2025 Duration: 3 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: RB Africa Race Director: Dominique Davies Email: dominique@rbafrica.co.za Website: http://www.rbadventures.org/
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