VKB Liebenbergsvlei Canoe Marathon

Liebenbergsvlei Canoe Marathon

The LBV river is part of the Trans Caledon Water scheme supplying water from the Katse Dam in Lesotho to the Vaal Dam.
There is a continuous flow of fresh, clean water of between 20 -30 cumecs throughout the year (Fish 25cumecs) from Clarence to the Vaal Dam.
Dabs has been holding races on this relatively “new” river for the past 16 years:
First the Tracker Challenge – 2 x day race took place from Bethlehem to Reitz Water Works. Fast flowing relatively flat with loads of dangerous tree blocks.
VKB/Std Bank LBV- moved the race start from below the Reitz Water Works to Tweeling at Zorgvliet Farm for Day 1 (30 km) then Day 2 was from Tweeling to Frankfort (33km)
Day1 – Reitz to Tweeling interesting day paddling – fast clean water good rapids – weirs and wave trains through great Eastern Free State landscape.
Day 2 – Tweeling to Frankfort – fast clean water, landscape flattens out, long and hard flat sections into Frankfort. Good finish at the O Gala Restaurant. Not an interesting days paddling but good honest hard grind training for Fish.
2021 Format changed to running the 1st day twice see the race website https://www.lbvcanoemarathon.co.za/ this was pretty successful.
2022. Format still to be decided by the new race management and team.
The Event in the past has served as the SA K1 River Champs, SA Schools River Champs and the SA K3 River Champs


Event Information

Country: South Africa Province: FS Distance: 64 km Event date: 17 September, 2022 Duration: 2 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Graham Daniel Email: graham@369communications.co.za Website: https://www.lbvcanoemarathon.co.za/
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