Ultra ASIA Race

Ultra ASIA Race

Ultra ASIA Race

The Ultra ASIA Race takes place in the North West of Vietnam, in the region of Mai Châu, near the Laos border. The event will take place in a very welcoming region with lush vegetation. The route takes you through many rice plantations in mountain landscapes, with some technical trails. You will discover, every day, the Muong minority, and their villages nestled in the hillsides or lost in the valleys. During the event, the group will spend the nights in traditional houses on stilts.

The Ultra ASIA Race is a 160 km foot race in 4 stages, with 6000 meters of positive elevation, 7000 meters of negative elevation in food self-sufficiency. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipment, food and personal equipment.

Participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers and indications of the map given before the race. There are check points located at regular intervals. A technical support and a medical team are present during the whole event.

Competitors who cannot respect the limit time (10 hours per stage), can stay in the race. They will be classified according to the kilometers they ran during the event.

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Event Information

Country: Vietnam Event type: Run Stage Distance: 160 km Ascent: 6000 m Event date: 8 March, 2021 Duration: 4 day(s)

Organiser Information

Email: contact@canal-aventure.com Website: http://www.canal-aventure.com
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