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Trans NZ Enduro

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New Zealand
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MTB Stage
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21 Feb 2021 - 5 day event
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trans nz enduro

Trans NZ Enduro

The Trans NZ Enduro is a 5 day all inclusive Enduro event that will take riders over some of the best trails on the South Island of NZ. It takes riders on a challenging adventure of all styles of trails from Craigieburn in the Canterbury region to the famous Queenstown trails and a few stops in between of seeing how far you can push your limits.

This event is put on by riders for rider’s.  In the past 2 years Megan Rose, the person behind Trans NZ, has personally races in over 24 enduro races, has personally timed over 58 days worth of enduro races, and personally organized 22 enduro races. Megan and her team look forward to bringing you the best of the best from all these perspectives.

New Zealand’s reputation in the mountain biking world is forever growing bigger and stronger as many riders from around the world flock to the Southern Hemisphere to be able to ride year round and escape the Northern Hemisphere winters.  That’s why there is no better way then to head to NZ for a sweet 5 day adventure.

Native beach forest, alpine riding, roots, high speed flow, loose, steep and rock are just some aspects of what to expect throughout the 5 days. A full array of trail styles and types have been hand selected to make sure you all experience a little bit of everything in NZ!

Trans BC, Trans Provence, Trans Savoie, Trans Andes Pacifico, these enduro races are shaping the future of multi day enduro events around the world and this will bring the thrid year of this event to NZ in 2016.

These types of events are about allowing pro and avid riders to explore new mountain bike areas around the world. It’s a style of racing that you don’t have to pin it from start to finish. Only sections of the course are timed while riders get to take their time on the liaison sections and take in the magic scenery around them and socialize with other riders in the event on their way to the next timed stage.  It will attract some of the serious Pro’s but mostly the hard core everyday mountain bikers looking to push their limits and take on new challenges and explore new areas!

You won’t get your lift assisted trail access like Trans Savoie, this is true pedal power style where you will cover over 1500m (4900ft) of climbing each day and over 2,000m (6,500ft) of descending each day – totalling over 12,000m (39,000ft) of descending for the full 5 days.  Average day is over 30kms (18 miles), expecting about 4-6hrs out on course each day.

Trans NZ Enduro-

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