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Trans BC Enduro

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Adventure Race
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27 Feb 2021 - 6 day event
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Trans BC Enduro 

Welcome to the inaugural Trans BC 6 Day Enduro Race.  This event has been in mist of ideas and creation for 3 years now but instead we went in the direction of putting on the BC Enduro Series and KR Enduro Series from 2014.  Now from these 2 series and having put on 20 enduro races throughout BC over the past 2 years, we have greater knowledge of trail networks, communities, connections and everything in between to bring to you 6 sweet days of riding some of the best trails in the world!

This is no alps, no Trans Provence, no high elevation riding – but on the side of pure traditional famous BC singletrack of loam, forest, roots, and alpine, and everything in between.  BC has its own true unique style and this race will showcase a little bit of everything within its style.

Trans BC Enduro-

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