The Munga Grit USA – Texas

24 hours non-stop. The Munga Grit USA.

Introducing the highly compelling South African Munga format to the States, starting with two 24-hour races in Traverse City, Michigan (click here to check out this event) and Fredericksburg, Texas.


What is the Munga Grit 24hr? The craziest, life-altering experience you can have on a bike. Over the course of Munga’s history, two things have become apparent.

One, plenty of riders are motivated and intrigued by our unique race format and want to give it a ‘try’, but the distance is mentally challenging compared to most other South African mountain bike races.

Two. Following the success of our South African races, and given that almost 50% of our fans are US based, we have launched the smaller format race in the US with the goal of slowly building up to the 50 hours and eventually the full Munga.

The basics: The Munga Grit 24hr races will vary from race to race but you can expect between 140 and 170 miles. But riders will only have 24 hours to complete the course.

One of the most authentic and life-changing aspects of the full Munga are our water points. So this core component of The Munga experience will be carried over to The Munga Grit 24hr. Thus riders can expect three water points manned by friendly locals! The wps will be roughly 25 to 55 miles apart. Note, unlike the 50-hour Grit and full Munga, there will be no Race Villages, but WP3 will be augmented with some tents and mattresses in case riders need a power nap.


The MUNGA GRIT Fredericksburg will begin and end on the edge of the lively town of Fredericksburg, Texas. The route will head in a north-westerly direction towards the hill country around the small town of Doss, before swinging west in an anti-clockwise direction and then south and back towards Fredericksburg. The route will be predominantly on quiet paved roads, dirt roads and farm dual tracks and will be a GPS route only, so no navigation is required. The route will be around 150 miles.

*Note: the image is to give you a general idea of where the route goes. Don’t take it literally, it is likely to change a bit here or there.



Great question!

  • 3 x fully stocked Munga Grit 24hr water points manned by friendly locals where you can expect ground coffee, lots of wholesome food, race nutrition, and just plain love. Ask anyone who has done the Munga what our water points are like!
  • Access to the Leelanau Trail, Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, Betsie River Valley trail and miles of quiet dirt roads.
  • A famous hand-made Munga Grit 24hr finishers medal
  • Legend status forever
  • Some medical support
  • The chance to earn your first stripe and start your Munga journey!
  • A Munga Grit 24hr goody bag

For all of the details and to sign up for the ride of your life, click here.

Event Information

Country: United States Province: Texas Event type: MTB Stage Distance: 240 km Event date: 6 April, 2024 Duration: 1 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Alex Harris Email: Website:
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