Superace Alishan

Superace Alishan

A Life Changing Multi-day Ultra Marathon, the SUPERACE Alishan.

This is a self-supported and self-supplied multi-day trail race of more than 100 kilometers. Varied terrain includes paths, trails and off-road. Participants need to carry all the food, sleep and survival equipment, and it will take three days to complete.

SUPERACE founder, Taiwanese ultra marathon explorer, Kevin Lin has promoted multi-day ultra-marathon system in Taiwan since 2013. It’s not just a long-distance running event, it is a life-changing adventure that is stacked up by travelling, experiencing the world, and exploring yourself.

Not only a qualifying race for both UTMB & ITRA points but also SUPERACE is honoured to be recognised by the certification of “The 4 Deserts Ultramarathon Series” event unit, becoming the only event in Taiwan to be selected as an affiliate race of the “RacingThePlanet” brand system.

A brand new 106 KM route, condensing the high-altitude mountains, famous hiking trails and forest. Across asphalt roads, mountain trails, wooden planks, stone stairs, unpaved industrial roads, etc. The altitude spans three forest climates: sub-tropical, warm zone and temperate zone. The contestants will run through the tea gardens and hills, passing by the bamboo forest and fir trees, in the misty clouds and the morning sun. With the famous “Five Wonders of Alishan”: railway, forest, the sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset as the background, they will make a full insight into beautiful Taiwan.

You don’t necessarily need to be good at running, but you must have the enthusiasm and courage to explore the different possibilities of your life.

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Event Information

Country: Taiwan Event type: Run Stage Distance: 106 km Event date: 26 February, 2023 Duration: 3 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Kevinlin Race Director: Jungvi Email: Website:
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