100km del Sahara

100km del sahara

The “Sahara 100km” leg race is part of the “Trail Running Adventure”, and It could well be considered ideal contact with the world of extreme sports. For some runners, it may be a final, definitive sporting accomplishment, while for others, it may become a launching pad for continued participation in highly demanding extreme running races. Only after having participated will it be possible to understand in which of the two categories each runner is in.
The race exalts the spirit of each participant in search of his or her own personal feat, and in fact, all of the ingredients are present for those who want to pursue the fascinating world of extreme sports.

The “Sahara 100km” leg race is, in the range of annual race possibilities, the one that offers the keen runner the possibility to measure himself in a running challenge against the desert while accepting the minimal assistance that is needed to aid each runner absorbed in his or her aim.

With the 21st edition, the 100 km of the Sahara turns the page and is renewed!
After so many years, a general change has been opted for, with the opening of a new cycle. Change of date, formula, area and routes, a radical change aimed at favouring a complete “full immersion” in the desert.

A unique location in the heart of the Grand Erg with high-quality logistical accommodation that will grant some greater comforts to members and will avoid all the daily handling of camps and luggage, with the related inconveniences.

Another great novelty is “Half 100 km of the Sahara for Walkers”, a special program aimed at walking enthusiasts which will allow them to travel 50 km in 5 stages in the heart of the Sahara desert, fully sharing the program dedicated to runners.

Furthermore, for the first time, companions have the opportunity to share the journey with their friends or relatives: the logistical accommodation now allows a stay in the middle of the desert with services suitable for enjoying comfort and charm.

The 100km del Sahara racecourse covers a wide variety of terrain, ranging from desert pistes with compact sand, to areas with soft sand, small dunes, rocks and stones, dried river beds, and oasis.
The race route is fully marked, and the event is fully supported. There are a number of aid stations with solids and liquids. At camp, all meals and food are supplied by Zitoway Sport & Adventure, and luggage is transported from one camp to another.

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Event Information

Country: Tunisia Event type: Run Stage Distance: 100 km Event date: 28 October, 2023 Duration: 6 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: ZITOWAY Sport & Adventure Race Director: Adriano Zito Email: info@zitoway.com Website: www.100kmdelsahara.com
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