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The Raid VTT MTB race. When we talk about commitment, it is not just about communication. Some passages are really exposed, the paths are sometimes very technical and the cumulative difference in altitude is generally around 10,000 m for the 4 stages.

However, many of you underestimate these real difficulties and do not arrive prepared or do not have the level required for this test. The Raid VTT sold out in 3 hours, 6 months before the event and we are not looking to recruit at all costs. Our desire is to have participants on the line with the technical and physical requirements of the courses, but also the rusticity of the bivouacs. 

Sometimes you have to queue for meals, set up your tent when you’re freezing cold, wait for the shower, anticipate the time to get up to have time to have breakfast and go to the toilets… Admittedly, the territory is magnificent and the trails exceptional, but you must also be aware of the constraints inherent in living in a community for 4 days and respect the instructions of the organization. 

We are convinced, as organisers, that our event is fantastic. We do not claim, contrary to some, that it is the most beautiful raid in Europe, firstly because it would be very presumptuous and we are far from having run all the raids on our continent, to afford this kind of declaration. The success of the registrations, the glowing feedback from the competitors, and the commitment of our loyal partners at our side reinforce our feelings and through the experience of racing, we hope that you will get a better idea of ​​what we offer. 

The Raid VTT is sold out but click here to read more, jump on the waiting list or add it to your bucket list.

Event Information

Country: France Event type: MTB Stage Distance: 250 km Ascent: 4228 m Event date: 18 May, 2023 Duration: 4 day(s)

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