Oxpecker Trail Run

The Oxpecker Trail Run is organised by the Green family. The family works with an amazing crew of people from the area who all enjoy the same passion, trail running. The popular Oxpecker Trail Run is a 2-day trail run which takes place in Winterton, halfway between JHB and Durban. This event is run by the Green family, who are passionate about trail running. The race covers a distance of 36km and has various accommodation options from staying in a tent to having your own room.

The events inaugural run was hosted in 2015 with 490 runners. Being SO chuffed with the response from the runners in our first year we only wanted our event to get better and for more runners to experience it.

In 2016 we hosted our 2nd event which welcomed 950 runners where we capped it and started a waiting list. We felt that this was the right amount of runners that the venue, trails, and catering could comfortably cater for. This size field also allows for a lot more detailed email correspondents and personal communication in order to give each runner a stress-free weekend.

Finally, in 2017 we decided, due to demand to host 2 events, both capped at 950 runners each, on consecutive weekends. This is how the names yellow-billed and red-billed Oxpecker came about. The response we have had this year has been unbelievable with both races filling as well as both races having a waiting list. We couldn’t be more proud of this event.

Entries for the 2018 events will be opening up on the 1 August 2017, should you be keen, get an entry and try it out!

We feel strongly about always coming up with innovative ideas, finding the most exciting routes, having quality food, amazing race village and mainly creating an atmosphere that no other trail run has achieved.


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Event Information

Country: South Africa Event type: Run Stage Distance: 36 km Event date: 4 May, 2024 Duration: 2 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Spoen Green Email: info@theoxpecker.co.za Website: https://www.theoxpecker.co.za/
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