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Offroad Finnmark 700

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Event type:
MTB Stage
Event dates:
24 Jul 2021 - 4 day event
Event has happened for this year
Race Organiser:
Finnmarksrittene/Offroad Finnmark
Race Director:
Anders Abrahamsen

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Offroad Finnmark 700

Offroad Finnmark 700 is the toughest terrain-cycling race in the world. 700 kilometres through unspoilt wilderness, all across the Finnmark mountain plateau.

The toughest mountainbike race in the world

The long version of Offroad Finnmark stretches across 700 kilometres of unspoilt wilderness on the Finnmark mountain plateau. Team CKL Denmark / MTB Racing Star, the Danish winners in 2016 completed the race in 68 hours and 40 minutes, obligatory rests included. Noone is allowed to ride alone, teams consist of two or three persons.


The trail follows offroad paths, trails and cart roads on the Finnmark mountain plateau. Certain stretches have no paths whatsoever, making the cycling extremely demanding. In certain areas the riders have to carry their cycles. Hundreds of streams and a few rivers of various sizes have to be crossed. In of700 the riders have to climb approximately 9-10.000 metres. The race would not be possible to complete had it not been for the midnight sun. 24 hours of daylight ensures that the race can be completed without halt through three full days.

Checkpoints and distances

The participants cycle day and night along the trail. When they reach one of the checkpoints, they make a obligatory stop for five minutes. On of700 there are three additional stops measuring three hours each. Offroad Finnmark does in other words not end before the last rider has finished, there is always someone riding. The checkpoints are mountain lodges, schools and community houses. At the checkpoints the riders are given food, drinks and an opportunity to rest. The riders can also receive help and service to their bikes at the checkpoints. The riders are tracked by an app installed on their own cellphones. All riders can be tracked directly through a map, online or through a specially designed app.

The world comes to Finnmark

Riders in the race are exceptionally vigorous amateurs, and the prototype participant is a man of approximately 40 years of age in prime condition. On the start list for Of700 in 2016 we found competiors from Norway, Denmark, Sweeden, Finland and Netherland.

180 volunteers

Offroad Finnmark distinguishes itself through a high level of service. An impressive (more than) 180 volunteers strive to make the event a success. Caring for and attending to the needs of the riders, the volunteers are found all along the routes, on the mountain plateau, in the wilderness and near the start and finishing areas.

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