How quickly four years have gone by. In that time the record has been lowered to 50 hours and 30 mins! Yup, you heard right. Just over two days to get to the end! Many riders though, will take the full five days. Stories of perseverance and resilience will make their way back to the race office as riders battle the heat and vast open spaces of the Karoo. Most riders are surprised by the unexpected privilege of being isolated for so long, with nothing but time and your thoughts. Lives will be changed, dreams shifted, and the future for some people irrevocably moved in a new and exciting direction. This, ultimately, is what the Munga is about. What are you waiting for…only 180 spots available next year!

Event Information

Country: South Africa Province: FS Distance: 1075 km Event date: 1 December, 2021 Duration: 5 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: The Munga Race Director: Alex Harris Email: Website:
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