Moab 200 Endurance Run

Moab 200 Endurance Run. Enjoy 240 miles of beautiful terrain as you travel through desert, canyons, slick rock, and two mountain ranges — all while surrounded by Canyonlands and Arches National Park.

Total elevation gain and loss is just under 10 000m. The 239.66-mile race (385km) begins and ends in Moab, Utah. The Moab 200 follows one huge single loop which means there is no repetition. You can expect a fully marked course with reflective ribbons and signs. You will have 116 hours to complete the race before the cutoff. There are four Sleep Stations with full aid, hot food, medical, and crew access and 15 full aid stations with hot food, medical, and more. The race starts and ends at Moab Valley RV Resort.

This event is considered an “Endurance Run.”  As such, it is not considered a competitive event but rather a life accomplishment. We will record finish times and award top finishers, but the accomplishment of the runner is in the experience of the run, not how fast you can finish it. The spirit of the event is captured in the journey.

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Event Information

Country: United States Event type: Run Stage Distance: 385 km Ascent: 9620 m Event date: 11 October, 2024 Duration: 5 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Destination Trail Race Director: Candice Burt Email: Website:
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