Marathon des Oasis

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RUN FOR THE TUNISIA WE LOVE, AS TUNISIA LOVES YOU. Take the challenge! The desert is two hours from France. A country in the colours of the Mediterranean. A breath of freedom in the effort. Races are open to all! On the occasion of the next edition of the Oasis Marathon (dates to come), in the Tunisian south-west, we invite you to share this unique adventure, an exceptional sporting event 100% trail.

You are a Runner, Nordic Walker or Hiker, I have a mad desire to make you discover or rediscover my native country, its varied landscapes, its human warmth, its gastronomy, and its music, … Placed within the framework of a sports week, cultural and touristic, the Trail des Oasis invites you to take part in a trail in 6 stages which totals 110km, including one stage which will take place under the stars. You will be able to run, and walk with or without sticks, the main thing will be to be in connection with nature and to share its moments with friends.

You will discover a country which wonderfully combines the past and the present with its dunes, oases, canyons, chotts and palm groves. You will pass through extraordinary places: Tozeur, Douz, J’Bil, Ksar Ghilane, Tataouine, Douiret, Djerba la Douce…

You will never forget this wonderful feeling of reconnection with nature. You will appreciate simple things, a good olive oil, the famous Tunisian salad, and the gazelle horn of Tataouine.
The extraordinary experience of nights in bivouac and troglodyte will remain etched in your memory. You will be amazed!

A desire for humanity in Mediterranean colours. A breath of freedom in a troubled and terrorized world of imbecility and fanatical blindness.

The Oasis Marathon (*) is not just a long effort and a victory over oneself. It is also a look at tolerance and the desire to show the beautiful light of Tunisia. The Oasis Marathon also has breathtaking landscapes, dunes, canyons, tracks, chotts, oases, mountains, bivouacs, palm groves, … The Oasis Marathon is also the picking dates in Tozeur and olives in Djerba…
The Marathon des Oasis is also a team of volunteers (French and Tunisian) who are just waiting to share with you their passion for discovering or rediscovering this magnificent southwest Tunisian.

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Event Information

Country: Tunisia Event type: Run Stage Distance: 120 km Event date: 19 November, 2023 Duration: 8 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Association CARTHAGE - Run for Tunisia Email: Website:
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