Kimbia Kenya 50

Kimbia Kenya 50 started with a simple idea: to discover Kenya! Five years ago, this project germinated in the heads of Justo Mitieng, a Kenyan who lives in France and his friend Gregory Brussot, director of the agency Exaequo. Since then, Kimbia Kenya has grown to more than 300 participants running on the Kenyan tracks. This project has always kept its spirit of departure over years: discovery, sharing and trail running.

Accessible by race or on foot (for the 50 km only), the adventure allows everyone to find his/her own pace. Each stage of the itinerary permits the discovery of many facets of the region located in the northwest of Nairobi.

Kimbia Kenya is also an eco-solidarity project. All stages leave, cross or arrive at a school. Two principles define this eco-solidarity project: logistical and material support to these schools and the organization of exchange and sharing moments between participants and the local population, especially with children of the schools.

There are also tourist activities organized during the afternoons for those who still have enough energy after the morning races in order to discover the region of Navaisha, located in the heart of the Rift Valley.

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Event Information

Country: Kenya Event type: Run Stage Distance: 55 km Event date: 17 February, 2023 Duration: 9 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: CRATER LAKE Email: Website:
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