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Kilimanjaro – Summit to Sea. Hike 6 days: 45 km, 4,000 m ascent / Cycle 6 days: 480 km, 6 000 m descent.

This is not just another mountain; this is Kilimanjaro, the iconic volcano that rises from the plains of Africa to stake claim as one of the Seven Summits. It is a unique ascent through virtually all of the earth’s biozones: from tropical jungle to afro-alpine, to alpine desert, and finally to polar ice cap. The descent reverses the same bio-zones then crosses the vast Tsavo wilderness to coastal rain forest then finally to a tropical paradise island. 13 days of extreme biodiversity!

Xplore Kilimanjaro – our conservative approach to climbing Kilimanjaro incorporates 6 days of trekking, so a base of good physical fitness with strong mental fortitude should enable one to reach the summit. Cycling down from the summit is extremely taxing and technical so we recommend it for only the strongest and highly skilled participants. Kibo Huts is our designated cycling start point, descending along the Sky Trail to Horombo and then onwards down the mountain.

Xplore Summit to Sea – is pure joy, novice mountain bike skills are sufficient as once off the mountain all the cycling is along bush roads and tracks, and trailing support vehicles provide assistance whenever necessary.

Xplore Comfortable Lodges – when cycling to the sea, each night we stay at comfortable lodges along the way. Our final night is at The Sands, Chale Island, a magical fusion of nature and comfort with elegance and romance, a stunning white beach fringed by coral reefs.

Xplore the Finer Things – fundamental to Xplore’s philosophy is to introduce our clients to iconic destinations and then facilitate a “comfortable” experience. This is not always possible in a physical sense as some of the destinations are cold and windy! However, while the weather is beyond our control, what we take with us is certainly not! During the evenings you will enjoy our selection of fine chocolates, tea, coffee, wine, whisky and of course some cigars!

Xplore Adventure – Very few people have considered taking a mountain bike up Kilimanjaro, even fewer have attempted it. In 2017 a few crazy folks took their bikes up, and then from the summit, they rode all the way to the sea in under 24 hours! As crazy and thrilling as that trip was, we have since designed a more scenic and relaxed version of the cycling section! Bikes will be assembled at Horombo Huts from where our amazing team of porters will deliver your bikes to Uhuru Peak.

Xplore the Seabed – scuba diving or snorkelling the coral reef that surrounds Chale Island is the perfect finale for this amazing expedition!

Xplore your Beach bed – extend your vacation relaxing in luxury at The Sands, Chale Island.

Participants are strongly encouraged to complete both the trek and ride for the full experience. With that said, the intimate size of this adventure means that we are very happy to work with your concerns.

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Event Information

Country: Tanzania Event type: Adventure Race Distance: 495 km Ascent: 10000 m Event date: 12 August, 2024 Duration: 12 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Xplore this World & RVO Race Director: Alex Harris & Eric Nesbitt Email: Website:
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