Kilimanjaro Stage Run

Kilimanjaro Stage Run circumnavigates Mount Kilimanjaro on dirt trails and footpaths between 1400m and 2200m elevation that have been used by locals for hundreds of years while remaining far off the tourist-beaten path. Run and walk (as necessary) together in small groups through lush rainforests, across rivers, past villages, and on the open plains, all while experiencing breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro at every turn. Immerse yourself in the culture of Tanzania, chat with the people you meet on the trail, and develop a strong bond with the Tanzanian and international runners on the team.

The run is a physical challenge. All participants experience fatigue, discomfort, and pain at some point during the 8 days. Run and walk on a variety of terrain (dirt trails, paved and unpaved roads, stream crossings, rain forest, savanna, village, farm…). The routes are the same but different each year as the guides may find new paths to explore. Each day unfolds uniquely as one day you may run until dusk while on another you may pace ahead of the support vehicle and need to draw water from a stream (bring a water purification method for backup). Kilimanjaro’s majestic snow-capped peak appears only at its whim.

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Event Information

Country: Tanzania Event type: Run Stage Distance: 260 km Ascent: 2200 m Event date: 17 August, 2024 Duration: 8 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Simon Mtuy Email: Website:
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