Istria MTB Stage Race

Istria MTB Stage Race

There are only a few places that fill you with their beauty, harmony, diversity and peace. Istria is one of those.

There are only a few moments that you can call an experience.
Experience defines you, experience makes you richer. After this experience, you are no longer the same.

There are only a few things in life that can be compared to riding a bicycle.
We who spin the pedals know that. And there are a lot of us, and there are more and more of us.

Istria MTB stage race. The GOAT race.



• 92,4 km & 1.570 meters of climbing
• Smart Stops: Motovun & Grožnjan
• Parts of Parenzana former train rail with bridges and tunnels
• Gravel road beside Mirna River
• Fast stage with almost no asphalt
• Climbs up to 20%

The first stage is a circular route along the western coast of Istria. It passes through some of the most famous cities and towns in Istria, such as Motovun and Grožnjan. The terrain is mostly dirt, and it will be particularly challenging if there is rain just before or during the race, as the red Istrian soil becomes demanding. The race partially follows Parenzana, the former railway track which is one of the attractions of Istria with its bridges and tunnels.

It’s a fast and tactically demanding stage that will bring you the joy of mountain biking like no other!


• 93 km & 1.700 meters of climbing
• Smart Stops: Tinjan & Gračišće
• Istria Coast 2 Coast
• Demanding single trails in Gračišće area
• Changing surface as approaching the eastern Istria coast
• Finish area in Labin city

The second stage will showcase the diversity of Istria. As you enter central Istria, forests prevail and the environment is different. Unlike other parts that have become one of the most attractive European destinations, the central part of Istria has remained largely untouched by tourism. Gračišće is the birthplace of enduro biking in Croatia, and here the Istria MTB stage race will revive some of the legendary trails. The finish line is in Labin, an old mining town on the eastern coast of Istria.

This stage is demanding and highly diverse, where all-around riders will shine, as it offers everything a top-notch stage race should have: a length of nearly 100 km, a significant total elevation gain, technically challenging sections, as well as gravel sections for high-speed averages.


• 57,4 km & 1.400 meters of climbing
• Smart Stops: Labin & Plomin Luka
• 22 km of singletrails
• Rocky terrain
• Beautiful views of islands Cres and Krk
• 5 km singletrail Espresso

What could be sensed in the second half of the previous stage, fully comes to life in the third and final stage. Unlike the first two days, the eastern coast of Istria is steep, rocky, and filled with numerous attractive single trails. Climbs are short but steep, often technically challenging, and descents are demanding but ridable. The entire stage is incredibly dynamic and highly enjoyable to ride. The numbers here can deceive, because this stage, although shorter than the first two, is equally tough. The finish of the Istria MTB stage race is a 5 km long Espresso single trail, with a fantastic view of the sea and the surrounding islands.

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Event Information

Country: Croatia Event type: MTB Stage Distance: 250 km Ascent: 4500 m Event date: 21 September, 2023 Duration: 3 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Adria Bike Group Race Director: Pavao Roset Email: Website:
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