Gore-Tex TransAlpine Run

Image by Klaus Fengler

Gore-Tex TransAlpine Run is one of the toughest and at the same time most spectacular trail run events in the world. More than 300 teams start every year in September into one of the last big adventures, the alpine crossing by foot. Doing that the participants cover every single day marathon distance and demand everything from their bodies to reach the aim as a finisher after seven stages.

Since its first performance in 2005, the run developed rapidly into one of the most significant stage runs worldwide, which is reflected in the top-class starter field as well as the strong media response. Runners from more than 40 nations provide a yearly international atmosphere during the stages.

For the first time, solo runners will make their way across the Alps. We have been getting more and more requests from athletes who are having a hard time finding suitable team partners, but who absolutely want to experience the Transalpine Run once in their running lifetime. That is why 200 solo runners are allowed to fulfil this dream. The vast majority of those crossing the Alps, however, will remain 2-person teams, as well 150 2-person teams who will run the first two stages in the “RUN2”.

The TAR 2023 will have 7 stages, one day shorter than in most years before and it will be an 80% new route. The route itself is very demanding with 268 kilometers and 15,330 meters of altitude.

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Event Information

Country: Germany Event type: Run Stage Distance: 268 km Ascent: 15,330 m Event date: 7 September, 2024 Duration: 7 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Organiser: Gore-Tex Transalpine Run Race Director: Tamara Metzler Email: info@transalpine-run.com Website: http://transalpine-run.com/en/
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