Freedom Challenge

Race Across South Africa

Race Across South AfricaThe Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa: a non-stop 2150km race along the length of the Freedom Trail from Pietermaritzburg to Wellington along a wide variety of off-road terrain – dirt roads, farm roads and tracks, footpaths and animal tracks. Many of the trails retrace old historic wagon routes which are no longer in regular use. Apart from the riding, there are numerous portage sections where riders will have to hike, push and even carry their bikes. The route traverses six terrestrial biomes and the geography ranges from coastal to mountainous to semi-desert. Anticipated temperatures during June/July can range from 35 degrees Celcius down to minus 10 degrees Celcius.

Since the route is not marked, riders need to navigate by means of maps, compasses and narrative directions – the use of GPS devices during the race is not allowed and will lead to disqualification.

freedom challenge: race across south africa

Basic details: 

  • Non-stop self-supported event, riders are not required to stop every day/night as in other stage races

  • There are 20 Support stations where riders must check in. Food and basic accommodation is provided at support stations. Bedding and towels provided

  • Riders can pre-pack 20 x 2 litre ice-cream tubs with supplies such as maps, trail food, personal medications, spares etc. These are distributed to the 20 Support stations

  • In addition to the 20 support stations, there are also 16 interim stops where food and accommodation is provided

  • Solo event. All riders are required to be self-sufficient and carry all their own personal belongings with them

  • No individual seconding is permitted during the event – this means that no friends, family or other supporters may meet you along the route and offer assistance during the ride


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Event Information

Country: South Africa Event type: MTB Stage Distance: 2150 km Ascent: 33 000 m Event date: 13 June, 2023 Duration: 27 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Chris Fisher Email: Website:
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