Foz Coa Douro Trail Adventure

Foz Coa Douro Trail Adventure

The Foz Coa Douro Trail Adventure (FCDTA) is organized by Carlos Sá Nature Events with the support of the Municipal Chamber of Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

FCDTA also offers a version for beginners – FCDTA Starter – in which participants can run a shorter distance in most stages.

FCDTA’s participants will be able to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of mountains and terraced valleys, ripped by the rivers Douro and Côa, the agricultural fields with vineyards (one of the best wines in the world), the almond trees in blossom and olive trees. The disabled railway line of Tua and Pocinho, the trips on the Douro River from Pocinho dock, the Côa Museum (the largest collection of rock art in the world), the historic villages of Castelo Rodrigo, Marialva, Foz Côa, Castelo Melhor, Castelo de Numão, the most varied sightseeing spots and the city of Porto are some of the outstanding places of the region.

Day one of the Foz Coa Douro Trail Adventure features 14km of running with a 694m elevation gain.

Day two has an option of 42km or 19km, catering for a wider field.

Day three has three different route choices: 45km with 2441m of elevation, 26km with 1420m of elevation and 13km with 880m of elevation.

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Event Information

Country: Portugal Event type: Run Stage Distance: 170 km Event date: 8 March, 2024 Duration: 3 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Carlos Sá Email: Website:
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