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Continental Divide

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Event type:
MTB Tour
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Event dates:
5 Jun 2020 - 40 day event
± 9 weeks until event
Race Organiser:
Adventure Cycling Association (ACA)
Race Director:


Continental Divide

Time-trial season begins around the 2nd weekend in June from both sides of the Route.

The goal of these Solstice common starts is for athletes to challenge the Route in situ, under similar weather conditions and maximum daylight. If one cannot make a grand départ, there is a season-long ITT-Divide format to contend. Tour Divide requires no entry fee or formal registration. There is no prizing for finishing. A toll-free phone number with voice mail is provided to all riders for field reporting. Voice messages are podcast on the Race Updates blog. Riders who carry SPOT GPS Messengers are tracked via the Live tracker.

Weather conditions


Season: Autumn

Route Information



River valleys, mountain forests, wide open grasslands, high desert, mud, snow

Technical Rating:

Stage details

Banff. AB to Roosville to Antelope Wells, New Mexico

Entry Fee details

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Tour Divide requires no entry fee or formal registration. There is no prizing for finishing.

Race reviews
It all started with the Great Divide Race, started by Mike Curiak. The race traveled the entire length of America from Roosville, Montana to Antelope Wells, New Mexico (2493 mi). At the time, it was the longest self-supported race available, but as time goes on, changes would be made. In 2004 Matthew Lee thought it would be cool to start the route up in Banff, calling it the Prologue to the Great Divide Race. 4 years later he decided to organized a different race all together, one that would travel the ACA’s full Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, he called it the Tour Divide. Slowly the Great Divide Race would fade, and the Tour Divide would slowly increase in popularity over the years.
With the turning of the new year, inspiration to ride Tour Divide 2014, which follows the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (GDMBR), is reaching new heights. This self-supported race from Banff, Alberta, to Antelope Wells, New Mexico, is a popular choice for cyclists wanting to test their mettle against the elements and other cyclists on the 2,754-mile mountain-bike route.

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