3 days of Syllamo


3 days of Syllamo

Three day Trail running Stage Race covering aver 150 kilometers in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Day 1: 50K: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Full aid stations will be provided at approximately 4-8 miles apart.

Dat 2: 50 MILE: “This is where the fun starts”. This run will be held on the Sylamore, Syllamo and Ozark Highlands trails that winds, climbs and descends through the beautiful Sylamore Ranger District including several creek crossings, past scenic vistas and bluffs and through dense forest. Full aid stations will be located approximately 4-9 miles apart.

Day 3: 20K: This run will take place on the Syllamo trails. Aid will be provided at the halfway point.

3 days of Syllamo-http://www.syllamo.org/3days/

Event Information

Country: United States Distance: 150 km Event date: 12 March, 2021 Duration: 3 day(s)

Organiser Information

Race Director: Steve Kirk Email: syllamo@mail.com Website: http://www.syllamo.org/3days/
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