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100km of Namib Desert

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7 Dec 2020 - 7 day event
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100km of Namib Desert

The 15th 100km of Namib Desert (Namibia) is a is a 7-day, 4-Stage, fully-supported footrace located the Namib-Naukluft National Park, in the Namib Desert, a coastal desert in southern Africa.

The race 100 km of Namib Desert will take place in their summer season. In fact, below the equator, the seasons are reversed and this will be a perfect opportunity to leave the cold European winter and enjoy the dry heat that characterizes the area of the race, the Namib Desert.
A very demanding race, but with luxurious ‘Five Star’ accommodations that allow you to prepare and recover to face the 4 competing days, each one different from the other one. You will run many kilometres through the oldest desert in the world, you will face a marathon the 3rd day, and the grand finale with the climbing of the Crazy Dune, the highest dune in the world. A lot of atmosphere, natural beauty, fascination, but also relaxation and comforts, these are the race program ingredients, that will make a vacation of sport, nature and… Adventure..

The 100km of Namib Desert is also open to Walkers who have a reduced distance of 50km (32 miles)

The course takes competitors through a wide variety of landscapes: Sossusvlei salt and clay pan, Sesriem canyon, the 550-year-old dead trees in Dead Vlei, and the dunes Big Daddy and Dune 45. The terrain is mixed, with sandy, pebbly mainly compact ground, except for the last stage with the sand dunes.

The race route is fully way marked, and the event is fully supported, with medical and technical assistance. There are a number of aid stations with solids and liquids. Your base for the duration of the event will be the luxury Sossusvlei lodge, with air-conditioned rooms and en-suite bathrooms, outdoor pool, bar and free WiFi access. There is also a reading room with a fireplace and an adventure centre, which can organise nature drives, hot air balloon rides and more for non running companions.

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