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20 Jul 19 to 27 Jul 19 (Less than a week until event)
R8000 per person min. / EUR600 - 700 - 800
Rating: NAN/5 (21)
Entries open: 18 Dec 2018
Distance: 700km Ascent: 26000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: 10/10
The Iron Bike offers a hardcore week of mountain bike racing in the glorious surroundings of the Italian Alps. Over seven stages and eight days you’ll cover 700km in distance and 22km of climbs and will be spending up 12 hours a day on your bike. With only 50% of riders surving the week it’s fair to say this isn’t the first stage race you should enter. The Iron Bike will test you through high altitude climbs, technical descents and special timed stages. You may not be able to walk properly for a week at the end of the race […]
1: km / m
2: km / m
3: km / m
4: km / m
5: km / m
6: km / m
7: km / m
8: km / m
20 Jul 19 to 27 Jul 19 (Less than a week until event)
R33728 per person min. / EUR725-1450-1900-2900
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 550km Ascent: 20000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
Appenninica MTB Stage Race & Appenninica4   The Appenninica MTB Stage Race takes place along the Apennine ridge between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany. FULL RACE: Prologue + 7 Stages APPENNINICA4: 4 Stages that cover the second part of the full race   The format of the race consists of teams of 2 riders with both a general and category classification and SOLO with man and female categories. The Appenninica MTB Stage Race is a competitive race that offers both beautiful trails and spectacular rides on the ridge. The mountains offer all the ingredients to host the most important MTB event of […]
1: km / m
2: 80km / 3400m
3: 110km / 3500m
4: 55km / 2100m
5: 23km / 830m
6: 90km / 2300m
7: 122km / 4000m
8: 40km / 1650m
South Africa - EC
21 Jul 19 to 25 Jul 19 (Less than a week until event)
R na
Rating: NAN/5 (4)
Entries open: 1 Nov 2018
Distance: 199km Ascent: m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 4/10
1: 50km / m
2: 35km / m
3: 50km / m
4: 65km / m
22 Jul 19 to 2 Aug 19 (Less than a week until event)
R na / USD: $4600
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 480km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 4/10
Mt. Kilimanjaro Hike 6 days : 45 km : 5,000 m ascent    /    Cycle 6 days : 480 km : 10,400 m descent At the heart of this trip is Africa’s highest mountain, at 5,895 m above sea level Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain on earth. After 6 days of trekking, the adventure continues with 5 days of pure mountain bike adventure, from the Summit Africa to a paradise island off Kenya’s south coast. This is not just another mountain; this is Kilimanjaro, the iconic volcano that rises from the plains of Africa to stake claim as one of […]
1: 54km / m
2: 85km / m
3: 126km / m
4: 56km / m
5: 108km / m
6: 61km / m
United Kingdom
22 Jul 19 to 27 Jul 19 (Less than a week until event)
R23800 per person min. / GBP1310
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 22 Jul 2018
Distance: 552km Ascent: 13000m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 8/10
Wales360 is a new mountain bike event that will challenge riders physically and mentally – it is likely to be the hardest event most will have ever done. Cycling 90-100 kilometres or more and climbing up to 2,500m on predominantly off-road terrain in a single day is hard. Backing this up for six days on the trot will require incredible stamina and determination, but also restraint and the ability to find a good rhythm. Ever present will be the breath-taking scenery of Mid and North Wales and some of the finest views the UK has to offer. Each night you […]
1: 90km / 2200m
2: 97km / 2400m
3: 106km / 2400m
4: 88km / 2500m
5: 89km / 1800m
6: 82km / 1400m
23 Jul 19 to 3 Aug 19 (Less than a week until event)
R7115 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 15 Oct 2016
Distance: 300km Ascent: 5000m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 7/10
Offroad Finnmark 300 is an MTB adventure race, just like Offroad Finnmark 700. However, Offroad Finnmark 300 is a shorter version which traverses amazing scenery. The 2016 winners Kaj Helge Helgesen and Daniel Boberg Leirbakken completed the race in 19 hours and 25 minutes having spent only 1 hour and 23 minutes at the various checkpoints. The race begins with the opening ceremony on Thursday, and the estimated time of arrival for the winning team is the afternoon after. The race is a team competition, for teams of 2 or 3 riders. The competitors are divided into Male, Female and […]
1: 300km / 5000m
24 Jul 19 to 27 Jul 19 (± 1 weeks until event)