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LoveGeist 2010: Precisely What Do Feminine Daters Appear Like In 2010?

The LoveGeist Report 2010-2011 begins with an instant breakdown of the present day matchmaking community. What do modern daters appear like? Exactly what are their likes and dislikes? What faculties would they look for in somebody?

Let’s find out.

The Female associated with Varieties

Precisely what does the typical feminine dater appear like in 2010? Examination 75,000 feminine users announced that she:

  • is actually between 25 and 3 decades outdated (22percent of the trial).
  • Is about 5’5″ tall (15%).
  • Is actually a brunette (31percent) with blue-eyes (40per cent).
  • Thinks her eyes are the lady most readily useful function (53per cent).
  • Opinions the woman physique as ordinary (36percent).
  • Notices by herself as easygoing (32percent) and social (14percent).
  • Is intelligent (53per cent have a qualification, compared with 13% of basic feminine populace of UK).
  • likes travel above all alternative activities, followed by flicks, talk, and cooking.
  • Generally probably really works in healthcare, dental care, or veterinary industry (11percent).

To ascertain exactly what this normal feminine member desires from her male matches, match as well as the Future basis examined women’s multiple-choice answers. It seems that the best man considers their body type to-be “average” (90%), and has now short (97percent), brownish (89per cent) hair, blue-eyes (84per cent), and an easygoing personality (86per cent).

  • black colored tresses was available in second (75%), followed closely by lightweight brown (73percent), blonde (59%), therefore the salt and pepper look (38%). Guys with cropped or shaved hair happened to be popular (56%), and bald males found fans in 26per cent of’s female population.
  • Nearly all women resoundingly preferred a typical physique, however 38per cent chosen slender males and 34% enjoyed males with a few unwanted weight.
  • Ladies like males with sight which can be…well…eye-catching. 78% price all of them as one’s most appealing feature, with “a stylish smile” (77per cent), “a beneficial bum” (35per cent), and “great hands” (27per cent). Feet scored the best, with merely 4%.
  • As much as character goes, women desire easygoing guys with great senses of laughter (86per cent). “considerate” guys also scored extremely (75percent), since performed those who find themselves “sociable” (74percent) and “reliable” (73%).
  • In the sparetime, just the right guy is fond of eating at restaurants and taking a trip. More youthful ladies are a lot of interested in men which enjoy films and songs, although the 50+ ready go for guys which show a desire for farming.

Women and gentlemen, guess what happens comes subsequent: this is the men’s move to do the spotlight!

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