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Tour de Kili

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Event type:
MTB Stage
Event dates:
6 Aug 2022 - 5 day event
± 5 weeks until event
Race Organiser:
Race Director:
Hillary Matemu

Tour de Kili

TOUR DE KILI is a multi-day mountain bike stage race organized by One Bike Tanzania. It extends for 340km with an elevation gain of 5000m through the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is not only a challenging MTB race circling around the stunning roof of Africa, but also one that creates a positive social impact. For every registration one bike will be donated to empower women in the Moshi district.

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5 STAGES (Kili 360)
340km distance
5000m elevation gain
The Tour de Kili 360° stage race is ideal for ambitious riders. Both as a local and as a traveler you will fully immerse in the diversity of the Mt. Kilimanjaro region. You will cover long distances and with notable elevation changes while enjoying breathtaking nature.

2 STAGES (Kili Light)
130km distance
2000m elevation gain
Tour de Kili Light will take you through the humid rain forest and the magnificent villages of the Tanzanian Chagga region. This race is perfect for you, if you want to experience spectacular views of the Mt. Kilimanjaro in combination with a fun and active challenge.

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Women on Bikes
Le Tour de Kili is a means for empowering female cycling in Tanzania. The One Bike Tanzania “Women On Bikes” project is focused on remote areas. It facilitates mobility and independence. Bicycles help women to increase their social status and income, but also their confidence. A bike is always shared within a group. The women’s families benefit likewise. Accordingly, the positive impact reaches way beyond selected individuals.
2021, LE TOUR DE KILI donated 10 bikes to the Kahe district women group. The group cares for the environment by planting fruit trees on school grounds.

Sustainable travel
The event is promoting sustainable travel. Motorized Safaris in Tanzania surge. TOUR DE KILI is a sustainable alternative to experience the beauty of Tanzanian nature.

Bicycle tourism creates less damage to the environment and increases awareness for more environmental friendly transport options.

Talent Development
Visibility is crucial. In Tanzania, biking is not commonly executed as a sport yet. We inspire locals of all ages to take it on. For each paying Kili 360° participant, starting places are given to selected Tanzanian participants. The event wants to show locals new income opportunities by empowering locals to enter the bicycle industry.

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