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Tour de Afrique

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Event type:
MTB Tour
Entries open:
Entries open: 1 Jan 2015
Event dates:
13 Jan 2020 - 121 day event
± 5 weeks until event
Race Organiser:
Tour d' Afrique
Race Director:
Brian Hoeniger

Camel and Racers

Tour de Afrique

Our original trans-continental journey and flagship expedition crossing Africa from north to south, covering 12,100 km in four months. This will be the 14th edition of the Tour d’Afrique – a test of mind, body, and bicycle. Traveling through 10 countries in all, you will cycle along the Nile past ancient temples, through the Sudanese desert, and up and down the biblical landscapes of Ethiopia’s rugged Simian Mountains. After crossing the Equator in Kenya, you will pedal past legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, to Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, and along the edges of the magnificent Kalahari and Namib deserts, en route to the finish of your epic journey in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.

The spirit of the Tour d’Afrique Race is one of “back to basics” racing. There are no screaming roadside fans to cheer you on (except for the kids in Ethiopia), no corporate sponsors, no press or TV cameras, and no motorcades. It’s just you, your fellow Riders & Racers, the tour staff & support vehicles, & Africa.

Of the 90 tour stages, the 2016 race schedule has been designed to include:
• 60 full stage racing days
• 6 half day/stage races (camp to lunch or lunch to camp)
• 3 Individual Time Trials (ITT)
• 21 non race days (including 1 just for fun Team Time Trial (TTT))

Weather conditions


Season: Summer

Route Information



2/3 pavement, 1/3 off road, flat at times, rolling at times, mountainous in Ethiopia

Technical Rating: 8

Stage details


Entry Fee details

Entry pp R200000 to 210000 / USD: $14900

US$3,550 → Pharaoh's Delight Cairo- Khartoum. January 15 - February 4 US$2,900 → The Gorge – Khartoum -Addis Ababa February 6-22 US$2,550 → Meltdown Madness- Addis Ababa – Nairobi. February 25 - March 10 US$1,950 → Masai Steppe – Nairobi – Mbeya. March 12 - March 23 US$1,400 → Malawi Gin- Mbeya – Lilongwe. March 22-March 28 US$1,700 → Zambezi Zone-Lilongwe-Victoria Falls. March 25-April 1 US$1,950 → Elephant Highway-Victoria Falls-Windhoek. April 15-25 US$2,950 → Rainbow Nation-Windhoek-Cape Town. April 28-May 14 US$15,900 → The Full Tour-Cairo-Cape Town. January 15-May 14

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