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The Ultimate Ice Ultra Marathon

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Run Stage
Event dates:
10 Feb 2022 - 5 day event
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Race Organiser:
Beyond the Ultimate
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beyond the ultimate


The Ultimate Ice Ultra Marathon

An Extreme Footrace Through Arctic Sweden.

The Ice Ultra offers an incredible adventure over 230km of some of the most pristine snow covered landscapes in the world. With snow fields, mountains and frozen lakes, the Ice Ultra offers a demanding route in challenging conditions with temperatures dipping up to – 30°C. Starting amongst the Kungsleden trail, you will enter a UNESCO World Heritage area so remote that snow mobiles are not even permitted to enter. With the freezing temperatures and various terrains testing your physical and mental endurance, the Ice Ultra offers an amazing adventure and one of the biggest ultra-marathon challenges!

As a self-sufficient race you will responsible for carrying your entire kit and equipment during the 230km race, including food, sleeping bag, safety equipment and a minimum of 1.5 litres of water which can be re-filled at various checkpoints and water stations along the stages. Running in Arctic conditions can mean extra kit is needed compared to some of our other ultras, making an already challenging course exceptionally harder.

The Ultimate Ice Ultra Marathon-

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