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Superace Angkor Wat

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Run Stage
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14 Jan 2022 - 3 day event
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superace angkor wat

Superace Angkor Wat

The great world heritage, over 600-year ancient buildings, that’s Angkor Wat, one station of SUPERACE.  Immersed in ancient cultures and surrounded by indigenous wildlife, you can explore the pristine tropical jungle surrounding Angkor Wat. Now visit the magnificent heritage; challenge the most primitive ancient wonderland. Let’s beyond the limit together.


125K, 3-Days Elite Race

Division: Male / Female / Teams

Race Type

  • Each participant must carry mandatory equipment throughout the race, see “mandatory equipment list” for further details.
  • Teams are limited to 2 members without gender restrictions.
  • Teams must pass check points and the finish line together; completion time will be based on the final member to pass the finish line.

Total Distance: 125 km over 3 days (total climb 5958 m)

Date: January 14th–January 16th, 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Route Information

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