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Rumble in the Jungle

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Sri Lanka
Event type:
MTB Stage
Event dates:
26 Mar 2021 - 6 day event
± 4 weeks until event
Race Organiser:
Mountain Biking Worldwide
Race Director:
Phil Evans

We’ve completely revamped the “Rumble” for 2020. There’s more downhill, timed enduro style sections, hill climb time trials, king of the mountain’s accolades and all the old favourites, including the 16km “Rattle and Hum” descent!

We’ve stepped up the overnight accommodation to include staying at The Blackpool Hotel  and the Sooriya Resort so you can be assured of a luxurious nights rest between stages. Also new for 2020 is the ability to ride as many, or as few of the stages as you like, so if you just want to ride the downhill stages, or even the uphill ones, and spend the rest of your time relaxing or sightseeing, then that’s fine by us! All in all, we feel we’ve put together a package that offers the very best mountain biking in Sri Lanka and takes you through a landscape like no other on earth. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled by this mountain bike race and experience of a lifetime…


Route Information


Technical Rating: 6

Race reviews
The race comprised 4 stages. Each stage wound its way through tea plantations, dense jungle, mountaintop villages, exposed hillsides and manic, traffic-filled roads. Each stage was very strenuous and we seemed to spend all morning climbing – add to that the incredibly hot and quite often humid weather, the amazing curry (for every meal if you, like me, were daft enough) and incredibly efficient organisation and you’ve got everything you need for a truly memorable week’s racing. Totally immersed in the race, all the rider needs to do is race, eat and sleep. Brilliant.
July 2016, Jason Miles - 2016 competitor

The sun was beating down and it was boiling 38c. The humidity was 80% it was going to be a tough day.
June 2016 - San Kapil - 2016 competitor

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