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Marathon des Sables

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Event type:
Run Stage
Event dates:
25 Mar 2022 - 7 day event
Event has happened for this year
Race Organiser:
Atlantide Organisation
Race Director:
Patrick Bauer

The MARATHON DES SABLES  is a running race, open to walkers, in 6 stages, in food self-sufficiency and in free pace over a distance of approximately 250 kilometres, with the obligation for the competitor to wear his equipment (food and compulsory material).

1st day:       Departure by plane from Paris, Transfer to bivouac.
2nd day:   Technical, administrative and medical checks.
from 3rd to 8th day:  Timed stages in food self-sufficiency.
9th day:   Timed “Solidarity” stage in food self-sufficiency.
10th day:  Free day, Ouarzazate
11th day:  return flight to Paris.

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