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La Vuelta Al Huascaran MTB epic

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Event type:
MTB Stage
Entries open:
Event dates:
5 Sep 2020 - 2 day event
± 22 weeks until event
Race Organiser:
Skyline Adventures
Race Director:
Jenn Hrinkevich

La Vuelta Al Huascaran – MTB epic

Inspired by one of the most illustrious bike-touring routes on the planet, La Vuelta al Huascarán – MTB epic is Peru’s most distinguished stage race, designed to challenge and charm cyclists of all levels.  The route of the race passes through the highest mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, circumnavigating the countries highest peak – Huascaran (6768 meters high). It meanders through landscapes so striking that you quickly understand why these peaks are considered to be gods in the local legends. It cuts through small, picturesque towns that remain largely untouched by all the banter we hear on the news each day. You see people and places that leave you fantasizing about how to simplify and beautify your own life… after you finally get your bike around Huascaran that is! And with tremendous elevation gain that takes you across the Andes mountains from west to east & back again, you’ll feel as though you’ve touched the sky, while you challenge your body and mind on a whole new scale and live an adventure that you’ll never forget.

The La Vuelta Al Huascaran – MTB epic is open to individuals and 2-person teams, with an ELITE route that covers 160 km and a SPORT route that covers 95km, and three different categories available – mens, womens, mixed duo.  It takes place in the stunning Huascaran National Park. The riders will complete a circuit around the countries highest peak with 3200-5300 meters of ascent (depending upon your category) during 2 days with one night of camping between the two stages. The camp is set in a lush, low valley and equipped with hydro-electricity, full-service meals, massages, mechanical support for you bikes, and more.  The majority of the route takes place on dirt roads, with glorious single-tracks scattered throughout (some of which are optional for those not interested in technical riding) and one long, serpentine descent on a paved mountain road from the clouds to the finish line below on the final day.

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Weather conditions

Season: Spring

Route Information



Dirt Roads, Singletrack, Asphalt

Technical Rating: 5

Stage details

Llanganuco Lakes to Wecroncocha
Wecroncocha to Carhuaz

Entry Fee details

Entry pp from R2700 / USD: $215


  • Competitor’s Kit:
    • Number Plate for bike & luggage
    • Buff
    • Energy bar or gel
    • Rehydration drink
    • Altimetry stickers for use during race
    • Merchandise from race sponsors
  • Logistical Services during the Event:
    • Sweep car to transport participants to the final destination each day (in case of abandonment or disqualification for exceeding set time limits.
    • Control & Provision posts with water, rehydration beverages, food, shelter, first aid. (Certain stations will have oxygen and resupply bags of participants)
    • Transport of camping equipment from Huaraz to camp (day 1) and camp to Carhuaz (day 2)
    • Ambulance & Police support along the route
    • For the SPORT category, transport between their race finish and the camp (day 1) & Carhuaz (day 2)
  • Logistical Services at Camp:
    • Sheltered eating area with tables and chair, sound system, and light
    • Espresso machine
    • Bathrooms (chemical and pit toilets) & cleaning area
    • Medical tent with attention from a registered nurse
    • Massage Services (certified practitioners) **
    • Bike Mechanical Services and Wash/Lube **
  • Food & Water:
    • Day 1: Snack upon arrival to camp, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Beer
    • Day 2: Breakfast, Snack upon arrival to race finish
    • Complementary Hydration at Control & Provision Posts and Camp
  • Finisher’s Medal
  • Prize Ceremony for the first 3 finishers in each category (categories officially open with a minimum of 5 participants or duos). Cash prizes for first 2 finishers in all officially open Elite
** Services with asterixes have additional associated costs **


  • Logistical or Transportation services prior to the race start or after the race finish
  • Transport to Race Start or from Race
  • Accommodation before or after the Event
  • Any food not mentioned above (including breakfast day 1 & lunch on day 2)
  • Any parts or mechanical work on bicycle
  • Massages (priced per minute)
  • Clothing for race or camp
  • Sleeping Tent, Sleeping Bag, Mattress for camp
  • Personal camping equipment (headlamp, hygiene kit, etc)
  • Services for Accompanying guests of racers (camp package available for them)
  • Any extra costs associated with evacuations or abandonments requiring additional transportation, Medical services beyond what the race personnel provide, any services NOT mentioned above as included

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