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Isuzu Mankele 3 towers Mncane (Mncane)

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South Africa
Event type:
MTB Stage
Event dates:
18 Sep 2020 - 3 day event
± 10 weeks until event
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isuzu mankele 3 towers challenge

Isuzu Mankele 3 towers Mncane

The Isuzu Mankele 3 towers Mncane is the shortest version of the event.

Amazing contour and ravine single track that goes on, forever & ever with astonishing views, that’s if you can look up and take your eyes off the track.

The trails look amazing, which means that it is now up to you, to make your ride even better. The fitter you are, the flatter the mountains!!

Mpumalanga is known for its relentless climbs but even more famous for its perfect mountain biking terrain. Rocky fast descents always puts a smile on the dial.

3 Towers & 3 events! The race event is for the dudes with some series fighting power. 75km’s in the Mankele Mountains is not for sissies. The Challenge event is guys who have the fighting power but not the training time. The challenge is a well balanced tough ride. Don’t be fooled by the distances. Lots of single track and plenty steep climbs is on the menu! The Mncane is aimed at the guys who is just getting into the world of stage racing. Best fun ever. Lots of single track, bush tunnels and you even do” That %^@# climb”.

Train and you will be fine.

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