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Desert Ultra Marathon

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Run Stage
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19 Nov 2019 - 5 day event
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Beyond the Ultimate
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beyond the ultimate

Desert Ultra Marathon

With a 250km course set in the dry heat of the Namib Desert, the Desert Ultra provides a phenomenal challenge to those who are willing to take it.  Beginning close to the magnificent Spitskoppe Mountains, you will experience the hostile nature of the Desert as yu travel 98km during the first two stages alone.  As the race progresses you will travel through stretching grasslands, push  your leg muscles as you face relentless rolling sand dunes and cross the Ugab River, an underground river flowing above the surface only a few days a year, all to the majestic background of a volcano and mountain ranges.  With temperatures reaching 35°C it isn’t just the distance and sand dunes that you will have to compete with to finish the Desert Ultra!

As a self-sufficient race you will be responsible for carrying all of your kit and equipment for the entire race, which includes a sleeping bag, food, safety equipment and a minimum of 2.5 litres, available to re-fill at various checkpoints and water stations along the route.  Carrying equipment in the heat of the desert is tough and will require a  high standard of mental and physical endurance if you are to succeed in this race!

Weather conditions

hot, dry

Season: Summer

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Mountains, Flat, Sand

Technical Rating: 7

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