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Internacional Cup of MTB

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MTB Stage
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12 Apr 2019 - 3 day event
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Copa Internacional MTB (CIMTB Levorin) – Brazil

In 2018 we completed 23 years dedicated to producing events with quality and excellence. In this long way we draw a goal focused on innovation and meeting the market needs, always following what is most modern in the world of the segment and often suggesting forefront actions. Since the first edition in 1996, in  Sossego Farm (Pedra do Sino), located in Carandaí (MG), we work with the aim of joining the Mountain Bike to tourism, providing the public, athletes and accompanying a differentiated infrastructure in lodging, food and safety during the tests. Today CIMTB Levorin is recognized throughout the country and abroad for its quality in the organization and be a means of direct communication of sponsors athletes and consumer public, through the media and the event, and boost the economy in their host cities. In 2008 and 2012 we had the steps of CIMTB as selective for the Olympics always received praise from international commissioners UCI, hit number of athletes records in evidence in Brazil (cross country, in Araxá, with over 1,300 athletes and marathon in Congonhas , with 1500 athletes – maximum limit) for the first time brought Brazil a UCI Marathon Series stage, among other achievements. Today we highlight the Araxá step as class HC (Hors Class), which is practically a stage of World Cup. 2016 will be decisive in the points count for the Olympic cycle for the Olympics in Rio, and further solidify partnerships with the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), CBC (Brazilian Confederation of Cycling) federation of Minas Gerais Stage. Opinion polls show that athletes with the International Cup Levorin is the largest reference mountain bike Brazilian and South American and is considered the best competition of mountain biking in Brazil by 95% of respondents. The press has shown the importance of the event for the development of cycling in Brazil and the results prove it. In short, an event that really worth it for athletes, sponsors, organizing team, to the cities that receive for the sport! For 2016 we have as main objective to further innovate, overcome all the results and always seek continuous improvement of all organizational details. The watchwords remain the innovation and quality in pursuit of overcoming the limits and excellence in a valid championship for the world ranking.

Rogério Bernardes
Organizer of CIMTB Levorin

The CIMTB Levorin happens in four stages in 2018. The one that open the season is in Araxá, Minas Gerais State. The race is a Stage Race Hors Class (160 points for UCI ranking) and happens in three days between 13th to 15th on April.

The SHC race is divided in three stages. On Friday (13th), at 2 p.m., the season will open with the Time Trail (XCT), one lap on the Olympic Cross Country (XCO) trail.  Saturday (14th), the competition will be a Short Track (XCC), starting at 8h30 a.m. On Sunday (15th), the race ends with the XCO, starting at 2 p.m. The general winner of the stage is the rider with the shortest cumulative times from all three days.

This is the fourth year that CIMTB Araxá will have the SHC status by the UCI. In 2016, the event received athletes from different countries, for example, the polish Maja Wloszczowska, which won the race, then came back to Brazil, and won the silver in 2016 Olympic Games Rio. Also, the Portuguese David Rosa, the Argentinian Catriel Soto, the Slovak Michal Lami, the Americans Todd Wells, Russell Finsterwald, Mary McConneloug, Michel Broderick, the Mexican Daniela Campuzano, the Dutch Hans Becking, the Spanish Sérgio Mantecón and many others from Serbia, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador.

Besides the international athletes, we also receive the bests Brazilians mountain bikers. Between then here is Henrique Avancini. He was the 4th in 2017 on the UCI MTB World Championships in Cairns, Australia. As well, Rubens Donizete Valeriano that has three Olympic Games on his resume. Representing the women, the Brazilian Raíza Goulão Top 15 on UCI ranking.

In Araxá, the race happens in a park called Barreiro where the famous Tauá Grande Hotel resort is located.  With 300 rooms, the Grande Hotel ( is the ideal place to host such huge mountain bike event. The start gate is in front of the hotel and the trail is on the forest that has around Tauá Grande Hotel.

Around Barreiro and in the city there are many other options of accommodation, making the event a success in America, bringing around 1,500 athletes to the city at this weekend. Check it out the 2017 video.

The CIMTB team was responsible for building the mountain bike course for 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and has over than 20 years of experience organizing the best mountain biking events in Brazil. The CIMTB 2018 season will have four races. Besides Araxá, there will be in Ouro Preto, São Paulo and Congonhas. Check it out bellow.

Ouro Preto Stage
The second stage is a new. The historic city of Ouro Preto is going to be the scenery of the biggest mountain bike race in Latin America. The race is going to happen in June 8th to 10th. It is a Class 1 XCO competition and a Class 3 Short Track in UCI Calendar. The race is going to host also a UCI Junior Series stage.

Ouro Preto is one of the most important cities in Brazilian history, internationally recognized as tourist destination for being reference in the world baroque and known for being a mountainous region. The competition is going to happen at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (Ufop) that has a great terrain to make a technical, hard and fun track.

São Paulo Stage
This is the second year that São Paulo is going to host a CIMTB Stage. The competition happens with the largest bicycle fair of Latin America, the Brazil Cycle Fair at August 24th to 26. The race is going to be a Class 1 XCO and a Class 3 XCC in UCI Calendar. The event join the main market news of bikes segment with the exciting events of CIMTB besides providing differentiated experiences for cycling lovers.

Congonhas Race
One of the most traditional stages closes the 2018 season with an UCI Marathon Series Class 3 in the world ranking. Congonhas is going to happen on November between 2nd and 4th. The competition will have news on the trail and debut the Ultra Category, a race with more than 100 km and two days of competition. The winner is going to be the one who makes the course in the shortest time.

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