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South Africa - WC
23 May 18 to 27 May 18 (Less than a week until event)
R7900 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 338km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
The Trans Outeniqua MTB Challenge will start at Pine Creek River Resort in Great-Brak River and will take you over 3 mountain ranges, the Langeberg Mountains, over the Rooi Berge and over the Outeniqua Mountains. It is 5 days of exhilarating riding along and over the mountains. This is great long distance training for the Epic, but doable for the intermediate to fit Mountain biker. No technical riding. Stay at 4 star accommodation.   Trans Outeniqua MTB Challenge 
1: 65km / m
2: 71km / m
3: 79km / m
4: 64km / m
5: 59km / m
South Africa - KZN
24 May 18 to 8 Jun 18 (Less than a week until event)
R6800 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 475km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 7/10
  WHEN IS IT? The Race to Rhodes takes place in May each year. WHAT IS IT? A 475 km non-stop, limited support, mountain bike race. A taste of the Freedom Challenge Race across South Africa. Some of the most spectacular parts of rural South Africa on single track, cattle tracks and dirt roads. A chance to push your limits, physically and emotionally.
South Africa - EC
25 May 18 to 27 May 18 (Less than a week until event)
R5000 per person min.
Rating: 4.2/5 (1)
Entries open: 5 Apr 2018
Distance: 215km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
The PwC Great Zuurberg Trek is a boutique mountain bike stage race that explores the heart of the world-renowned Addo region of the Eastern Cape. Traversing five of the province’s seven biomes, the three-day 200km ride epitomizes true mountain biking with a unashamedly luxurious twist. This is where the soul finds freedom, wild elephants roam and the scent of citrus blossoms fills the air.  
1: 68km / 1400m
2: 78km / 1750m
3: 50km / 1400m
25 May 18 to 27 May 18 (Less than a week until event)
R3900 per person min. / AUD410
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 30 Dec 2014
Distance: 200km Ascent: m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: /10
  Port to Port MTB Port to Port MTB is an MTB stage race held on the 25th May to the 28th May 2017. The race is designed to be fun and challenging for riders of all levels, from recreational to competitive. Beginning at the idyllic Nelson Bay Marina, riders are greeted by four days of sandy tracks, fire trails, testing hill climbs, fast single tracks and steep descents that take in the spectacular Hunter Valley and Newcastle Region. Port to Port MTB is the sister event of Australia’s number one stage MTB event, the Cape to Cape MTB in South-West Western […]
1: 34km / m
2: 48km / m
3: 64km / m
4: 45km / m
25 May 18 to 2 Jun 18 (Less than a week until event)
R47000 per person min. / EUR2950
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 200km Ascent: 10800m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 8/10
GlobalLimits Bhutan – The Last Secret 200km    –     6 stages Strictly limited entries only!!! You have already run through the desert!? You have already run through the jungle!? You have already run in the mountains!? You have already run in the snow!? But you have never run in the happiest country on earth! Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures the progress of society in terms of “Gross National Happiness”. Join us and experience the charm and magic of one of the world’s most secret countries. Experience an amazing landscape, run through evergreen prime forest, pass amazing […]
1: 32km / 1260m
2: 29km / 2380m
3: 28km / 1950m
4: 37km / 1920m
5: 54km / 2050m
6: 15km / 1200m
25 May 18 to 27 May 18 (Less than a week until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 275km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Luxembourg Cycling & Mountainbike Tour The 19th edition of the LCMT announces itself as a major CYCLISTS party to 3 days mountain biking, full competition or recreational. Or do you want three days of the racing bike on the road? Or combine it into a 4-day tour COMBI? Or … you go into the bargain for triathlon (+ swimming and walking) and crown yourself to Houffa-King of the Ardennes! Each stage is shortened except XL also available (large or medium exists). With or without the hotel package in Vayamundo-Houffalize? But above all, ‘Be fast’, for only 500 places available! WHAT […]
1: 89km / m
2: 97km / m
3: 89km / m
South Africa - KZN
26 May 18 to 27 May 18 (Less than a week until event)
R1250 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 36km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 5/10
  The Oxpecker Trail Run is a 2 day trail run based in Winterton, Central Drakensberg, KZN. Day 1, 21km The first day is mainly awesome scenic single track which takes you to the top of the historic Spioenkop Mountain. Once you summit Twin Peaks, you will have a 360 degree view from the top. As you drop down to the crest of the mountain you will arrive at a heavily loaded water table filled with sausages, apples, Racefood and all kinds of goodness to get you down your decent. A wooden frame was built for you to stand behind […]
1: 21km / m
2: 16km / m
South Africa
27 May 18 to 3 Jun 18 (± 1 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 455km Ascent: m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 7/10
Ride the Rail This ‘Bike Train’ will be all about olde-worlde travel, and having the best of times with your mates (and your bikes, of course). The Premiere Classe train has been specifically selected for this journey, and will allow you to explore mountain biking routes in five of South Africa’s nine provinces. Departure from Johannesburg Station is set for 28 May 2017, and you’ll make memories for a lifetime as you journey across the country to your final stop in Cape Town on 2nd June 2017. Be warned: you will have to endure everything from champagne and gourmet cuisine to […]
1: 55km / m
2: 80km / m
3: 82km / m
4: 84km / m
5: 55km / m
6: 70km / m
7: 29km / m
31 May 18 to 4 Jun 18 (± 1 weeks until event)
R5181 per person min. / EUR350-600
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 22 Jan 2018
Distance: 247km Ascent: 8000m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
The Romagna Rally – just eight years after its birth –  is one of the most competitive events of its kind. Demonstration is the third place in Europe for a number of participants, who each year continue to increase so much that they have to close the entries for organizers already in March. With regard to the MTB world, the Rally of Romagna is one of the most popular racing bikes in Europe. There are, in fact, very high percentage of team inscriptions coming from Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and Italian teams from all over the Italian […]
1: 15km / 500m
2: 47km / 1700m
3: 55km / 1900m
4: 90km / 2900m
5: 40km / 1000m
1 Jun 18 to 3 Jun 18 (± 1 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 1.96/5 (5)
Distance: 248km Ascent: 3600m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
FNB 1Zambia MTB Race The FNB 1Zambia MTB Race is well on its way to being recognised as one of the most spectacular and wild mountain bike stage races in Africa. Riders will be navigating over more than 230km of scenic terrain while passing through rolling hills, ancient brachystegia forests and crystal clear streams for a magnificent finish on the mighty Zambezi River. The route is brimming with unexplored routes in the African bush with a chance to appreciate nature in absolute solitude. Add it all together and riders can look forward to a unique experience in the African mountain […]
1: 68km / 1300m
2: 70km / 950m
3: 110km / 1300m
2 Jun 18 to 3 Jun 18 (± 1 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 110km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 5/10
Three Stages in Triangle Three Stages in the Triangle Region (TEIT) is Denmark’s coolest mountain bike stage race. Fredericia, Vejle and Middelfart forms of Pentecost limits on this 3 day stage race where everyone will be challenged. The stages are both for the experienced rider, but also for those who are relatively new on the bike – in short; anyone can join! Dates:                                                                             […]
1: 50km / m
2: 30km / m
3: 30km / m
3 Jun 18 to 8 Mar 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 230km Ascent: m Days: Technical difficulty: /10
The Jungle Ultra The Jungle Ultra will test your endurance as you run 230km through the tough jungle trails, mountain roads and village tracks, making your way from Cloud Forest and down 10,500ft to the Amazon Jungle below. You will experience the virgin forests, diverse wildlife and numerous tribes of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest as you complete this 5 stage event. As you are in the jungle you will face humidity levels reaching near 100%, making sweating useless in maintaining your core body temperature, leaving you saturated for extended periods of the race, and indeed when you finally reach camp. […]
South Africa - KZN
5 Jun 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R27200 per person min.
Rating: 4.67/5 (3)
Distance: 2300km Ascent: m Days: 26 Technical difficulty: 10/10
  THE FREEDOM CHALLENGE 2300 km MOUNTAIN BIKE race, non stop with limited support, starting in Pietermaritzburg in mid-June every year and following South Africa’s Freedom Trail to end in Wellington outside Cape Town
South Africa - EC
7 Jun 18 to 9 Jun 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R8250 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 102km Ascent: 2738m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 1/10
Umngazi Pondo Pedal Situated in the lush, indigenous surroundings of the breathtaking Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape, award winning Umngazi River Bungalows offers the opportunity of cycling one of the most beautiful, unspoilt coastlines along the South African coast. The 4 day Grindrod Bank Umngazi Pondo Pedal is the epitome of purist MTB racing. Each day the races start and finish at Umngazi River Bungalows. Over 3 days, competitors will endure 115 kilometers of varied terrain: single track, cattle track, district roads and swamp trails. The focus of the event is not only an opportunity to enjoy Umngazi’s warm […]
1: 33km / 1130m
2: 35km / 867m
3: 34km / 741m
7 Jun 18 to 10 Jun 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R328 per person min. / EUR328
Rating: 1.2/5 (3)
Distance: 198km Ascent: 8800m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: /10
Alpen Tour Trophy    
1: 59km / 2900m
2: 14km / 1100m
3: 69km / 2800m
4: 56km / 2000m
7 Jun 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 2.24/5 (5)
Distance: 4418km Ascent: 200000m Days: 40 Technical difficulty: /10
Continental Divide Time-trial season begins around the 2nd weekend in June from both sides of the Route. The goal of these Solstice common starts is for athletes to challenge the Route in situ, under similar weather conditions and maximum daylight. If one cannot make a grand départ, there is a season-long ITT-Divide format to contend. Tour Divide requires no entry fee or formal registration. There is no prizing for finishing. A toll-free phone number with voice mail is provided to all riders for field reporting. Voice messages are podcast on the Race Updates blog. Riders who carry SPOT GPS Messengers are tracked […]
1: 4418km / 200000m
South Africa - MP
8 Jun 18 to 10 Jun 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R4500 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 222km Ascent: 2462m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Waterberg MTB Encounter The scenic and unique Waterberg will play host to the inaugural Liberty Waterberg Encounter – a spectacular three stage event linking the upper market bush lodges of Sondela and Zebula in an epic three day, 222KM journey over the some of the best mountain-biking terrain in the north of the country. The event takes place over the weekend of 9 – 11 June 2016. The Liberty Waterberg Encouner is presented by ASG Events and MTB Adventures and 2016 will see the first edition of the event series. The three-day stage race, will afford our participants, with a […]
1: 80km / 974m
2: 75km / 633m
3: 70km / 855m
South Africa - WC
9 Jun 18 to 10 Jun 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R550 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 3 Feb 2015
Distance: 73km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 4/10
The African Oystercatcher is a large, noisy wader, with completely black plumage, red legs and a strong broad red bill. The sexes are similar in appearance, however, females are larger and have a slightly longer beak than males. Juveniles have soft grey plumage and do not express the characteristic red legs and beak until after they fledged. The call is a distinctive loud piping, very similar to Eurasian oystercatchers. As the Eurasian oystercatcher is a migratory species they only occur as a vagrant in southern Africa, and its black-and-white plumage makes confusion impossible. The Oystercatcher Trail is a world acclaimed hiking experience, […]
9 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18 (± 2 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 1230km Ascent: 29500m Days: 14 Technical difficulty: 5/10
Madrid Lisbon Mountain Bike Madrid Lisbon Mountain Bike by the challenging route is one of the biggest mountain biking adventures in Europe!  A challenge, a traverse, an adventure.  Two countries, two capitals and 15 mountains between the two! 14 days in the mountains and one by the sea! 15 consecutive Stages,  1230 km of trail, single tracks, back roads and country roads,and more than +29 500 meter ascent in total! Are you up to it? This Epic Traverse accurs once a year as a group guided tour. Besides this tour there is the possibility to join five friends and go […]
1: 63km / 1400m
2: 66km / 1950m
3: 92km / 1950m
4: 116km / 2300m
5: 84km / 1900m
6: 83km / 1750m
7: 107km / 2150m
8: 59km / 1550m
9: 87km / 2600m
10: 68km / 2200m
11: 79km / 2150m
12: 89km / 2450m
13: 96km / 1900m
14: 68km / 1750m
15: 77km / 1700m
10 Jun 18 to 16 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R900 per person min.
Rating: 2.06/5 (10)
Entries open: 1 Sep 2017
Distance: 770km Ascent: 18000m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 4/10
ABOUT TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST Transpyr Coast to Coast is, above all, a mission, a great personal quest consisting of crossing the Pyrenees in 7 stages between Roses (Girona) and Hondarribia (Guipúzcoa). It is also an exciting and memorable cycling adventure in which participants flow through different valleys, towns and cultures of the southern slopes of the Pyrenees, crossing and connecting Catalunya, Aragon, Navarre and Euskadi bt trails (Transpyr Gran Raid MTB) or by road (Transpyr Backroads). Transpyr Coast to Coast tests both the physical and the mental limits of the most experienced and enthusiastic cyclists and is already one […]
1: 116km / 2200m
2: 114km / 2700m
3: 115km / 2930m
4: 98km / 2785m
5: 97km / 2200m
6: 132km / 2595m
7: 97km / 1980m
Sri Lanka
10 Jun 18 to 15 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R21,219 per person min. / USD: $1795
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 355km Ascent: 10,000m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
Rumble in the Jungle – Sri Lanka’s premier mountain bike stage race, takes riders from hot and humid jungles, through mountain hugging tea plantations and across the islands highest plateau. Along the way riders will need to wade across rivers, ride through dense jungle, which is home to wild elephants, leopards and snakes, tackle 10000+m climbs and negotiate bone clattering rocky descents. Via a network of rarely traveled off road trails,Rumble in the Jungle takes riders through the diverse terrain and climate unique to Sri Lanka. Intense humidity, leeches, baking sun, torrential rain, mud, sand, rock and over 7000m of […]
1: 77km / 2386m
2: 57km / 1857m
3: 66km / 2900m
4: 100km / 2003m
5: 55km / 935m
10 Jun 18 to 16 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R10055 per person min. / EUR695
Rating: 3.8/5 (1)
Distance: 1000km Ascent: 25000m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: /10
TRANSPYR ROAD follows the footsteps of the mountain bike event and introduces a new route, through very few traffic roads with all types of pavement which may include old tarmac and concrete sections, following winding roads to provide a unique experience of enjoying the untamed beauty of the Pyrenees.
1: 33km / 620m
2: 149km / 2700m
3: 147km / 2950m
4: 136km / 2850m
5: 144km / 2700m
6: 132km / 2300m
7: 170km / 2400m
8: 161km / 2500m
United Kingdom
11 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 42km Ascent: m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 3/10
The Hot Runner The Hot Runner is a seven day challenge with a unique marathon, half marathon & 10k race on each day. Each days race is based on one of The Pickled Villages fine preserves.….. Enter the Hot Runner in its entirety, a 7 in 7 challenge, and compete on all seven  days. Or just enter any of the seven days and choose your distance – 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon. Race Date: June 12th – June 18th 2017. Race Location: Little Bowbrook, Walton Road, Hartlebury, Worcestershire, DY10 4JA. We will have a race flag at the entrance to Little Bowbrook […]
14 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R3486 per person min. / EUR249
Rating: 3.86/5 (13)
Distance: 305km Ascent: 11550m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 10/10
  Beskidy MTB Trophy Beskidy MTB Trophy is an absolute must-be for mountain biking enthusiasts. Right at the eve of the vacation period, this event at the Polish/Czech/Slovak boarder gives the opportunity to join all those competition-hungry riders that want to tackle a 4-day race which is embedded in the unique uplands of Beskids. The name of the game is Beskidy MTB Trophy. It is a proven fact that this race tops all Polish races in regard to difficulty. At the same time it doesn’t need to be shy of the top-ranked European stage races either. Its only drawback is […]
1: 70km / 2697m
2: 79km / 2860m
3: 79km / 2534m
4: 76km / 3127m
South Africa
15 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R2900 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 168km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
The Greyt Escape Day1: Approximate distance: 61km. Elevation: 1270m The longest but perhaps easiest stage to get you warmed up and into the mood. Roadies will have to secure a proper lead here as things get more technical as the weekend progresses! A start on jeep track opens up onto fast rolling farm roads that lead straight into the beast of the day – the increasingly famous UFO climb. The fame is as much for the great elevation that you gain as for the stunning Middelplaas single track that now stretches all the way from the dizzy heights to the […]
1: 61km / m
2: 60km / m
3: 47km / m
South Africa - EC
15 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R1950 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 6 Dec 2017
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: /10
Katberg Quest The Katberg Quest is a two-day mountain bike stage race in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is organised by Mountain Events, founders and organisers of other premier mountain bike stage races such as the PwC Great Zuurberg Trek and the Fish River Sun MTB Challenge. The backdrop for the Katberg Quest is the picturesque Winterberg mountains and the Kat River Valley, just outside Fort Beaufort. The area is steeped in history with many of the Cape Frontier Wars / Xhosa Wars taking place in the Kat River Valley throughout the 1800’s. Waterfalls, towering mountain peaks and stunning […]
1: 45km / 1550m
1: 20km / 730m
2: 51km / 1370m
2: 21km / 526m
South Africa - EC
16 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R1300 per person min.
Rating: 3.2/5 (1)
Entries open: 1 Oct 2014
Distance: 112km Ascent: 1637m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: /10
The Fish River Sun MTB Challenge is a two day stage race with riders competing in teams of two or solo
1: 50km / m
2: 62km / m
16 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R na / EUR1595
Rating: 1.15/5 (4)
Distance: 271km Ascent: 9177m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 9/10
Trans-Provence: The Original Alphine MTB Rally is a manifestation of what we believe mountain biking is all about; a melting pot of our sport’s finest ingredient elements. In physical terms this means a week-long itinerary of true mountain wilderness, a huge and varied catalogue of awesome gravity-fuelled singletrack from the High Alps to the Mediterranean Sea. It exists since 2009 as a rally-style race which many past participants will tell you is more about the adventure than the time on the clock. Welcome to our website where you can get a taster for it all, or jump right in by […]
1: 38km / 1739m
2: 44km / 1586m
3: 48km / 1733m
4: 33km / 736m
5: 65km / 1623m
6: 41km / 1760m
16 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R850 per person min. / EUR60-750
Rating: 2.6/5 (3)
Distance: 500km Ascent: 19000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
Alta Via Stage Race is much more than just a race. It’s an adven­ture, an expe­ri­ence, a chance to really live your sport and be close to nature, the coun­try­side and the his­tory of one of the most beau­ti­ful parts of the Mediter­ranean — the Lig­urian coast and hills. You will travel the length of the Alta Via — the spine — of the Lig­urian moun­tains, start­ing from the Province of La Spezia and cycle along the top of the Appenines and the Lig­urian Alps, until you reach the Province of Impe­ria, on the bor­der with France. You will pass […]
1: km / m
2: km / m
3: km / m
4: km / m
5: km / m
6: km / -1m
7: km / m
8: km / m
16 Jun 18 to 27 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Distance: 1000km Ascent: 30000m Days: 12 Technical difficulty: /10
The Navad-1000, the first Bikepacking-Event in Switzerland, does not need Support cars, no Mechanics, no Crew members, no Road-Closures, no Marshals and no Signposts. Like on the Tour Divide (the Mother of all Bikepacking Events from Banff CAN to Antelope-Wells USA over 4400 km), the Participants of the Navad-1000 are following…[read more]
1: 1000km / 30000m
South Africa
16 Jun 18 to 17 Jun 18 (± 3 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 70km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 8/10
  Kruger2Canyon Challenge In 2015 and 2016 Kruger2Canyon was hosted uder the Wild Series banner. In 2017 it will be hosted by KZN Trail Running and Kruger2Canyons Biosphere and we will be introducing some changes to the event that has quickly earned itself iconic status on the South African Trail Running Scene. The  two main changes are the introduction of a marathon distance course over the 2 stages making it more accessible to runners looking for shorter distances, and the option to enter only a single day of the challenge. The route offers an incredible opportunity to explore the most […]
1: 42km / m
2: 28km / m
17 Jun 18 to 22 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R na / USD: $3,700
Rating: 1.67/5 (3)
Entries open: 30 Dec 2015
Distance: 250km Ascent: 1000m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: /10
Gobi March (China) 2017 is a 7-day, 250-kilometer / 155-mile self-supported footrace. It takes place in Hami region in the eastern part of Xinjiang Province in China in the area of the Ancient Silk Road. The 250 kilometer / 155 mile course is the most diversified course of the 4 Deserts Race Series combining a cooler weather mountain trail race and a hot desert race. It follows the Tian Shan Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in Asia, and crosses the mountain range on Stage 2. It takes competitors through Alpine scenery, pastures and yurt villages, river beds, sand […]
1: 36km / m
2: 40km / m
3: 43km / m
4: 46km / m
5: 70km / m
6: 15km / m
17 Jun 18 to 24 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R7150 per person min. / EUR550
Rating: 3/5 (4)
Distance: 620km Ascent: 19800m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
  Bike Odyssey The Bike Odyssey is an eight-day Mountain Bike Race across the Pindus Mountains in Greece. It includes a prologue and a seven stages mtb adventure from the village of Smixi (Grevena) up to the historical area ofNafpaktos by the sea. This race will be a cycling odyssey for the true mountain bikers. The exact route is still to be decided but one thing is certain… Bike Odyssey will be the most demanding mtb race in Greece ever
0: 13km / 495m
1: 113km / 3219m
2: 82km / 2608m
3: 83km / 3343m
4: 109km / 3762m
5: 87km / 2764m
6: 84km / 2119m
7: 52km / 1046m
United States of America
17 Jun 18 to 23 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 238km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Desert Rats Kokopelli Unique beauty, amazing wildlife and profound solitude – all the elements of true adventure – reward racers willing to brave the strenuous Desert RATS journey. Vast landscape and ancient obstacles combine to create the rugged and stunning beauty of the Kokopelli Trail. Desert RATS is more than just a race. It is not only a journey through true backcountry desert but within yourself.  While some will race, most are there to test their mental and physical limits. Don’t expect to set personal records for the distance you’ll cover, you will need to pace yourself for the heat and terrain. […]
1: 32km / m
2: 63km / m
3: 14km / m
4: 69km / m
5: 42km / m
Russian Federation
20 Jun 18 to 24 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 248km Ascent: 5270m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 8/10
EURASIA MTB Stage Race From the organizers of the team Club Multi-Team and commands the ENERGY the SET (participated in organizing and conducting mnogodnevki Rhipaean Solstice 2010-2016) bring you the multi-day MTB race EURASIA ! BH Iman! Stage races EURASIA 2017 and Rhipaean Solstice 2017 – the different activities organized by different teams, with different terms, conditions and geography of the not unrelated. Full details of each event is at the respective sites. Race format: Prologue. Determination of the starting positions of athletes before the main race. Day 1 Day 3 – race days in the area of white. Day 4 – The final stage mnogodnevki Eurasia – highlight – stage KVMR – the MTB […]
1: 64km / 1564m
2: 80km / 1666m
3: 44km / 522m
4: 60km / 1518m
22 Jun 18 to 24 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 238km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 8/10
TransØsterdalen “The 22 -24.juni 2018 we started again. Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 3 days of cycling in North Østerdalen Valleys in week 25. Nature experiences combined with endurance, technique and bike joy characterizes TransOsterdalen. A network of old transport routes, wildlife corridors, trails and farm roads makes Valleys attractive to cycle in. The concept has a mastery level, which for many is just as important as it is to him to the finish. TransOsterdalen is a road race, first held in 2012. The unique aspect of this race is that it perishes over three days, and that it is […]
1: 55km / m
2: 73km / m
3: 110km / m
South Africa - KZN
23 Jun 18 to 24 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 Nov 2016
Distance: 100km Ascent: 2000m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: /10
Ride the Berg Unique on the South African MTB circuit, Ridetheberg offers participants a challenging but exhilarating solo-rider two-day stage race over 100km of world class mountain single-track. Set in the accessible and central Northern Drakensberg. The Drakensberg! Africa’s premier mountain range, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geographical Wonder, international tourist attraction and South Africa’s prime outdoor adventure camping and hiking destination rolled into one. Stretching uninterrupted from the Western Cape to the Limpopo, these magical mountains have drawn brave minds, restless souls and hardy bodies in search of exercise, beauty and adventure for generations. Now it is time to raise […]
1: 55km / 1300m
2: 45km / 1300m
South Africa - NC
23 Jun 18 to 25 Jun 18 (± 4 weeks until event)
R1200 per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Distance: 220km Ascent: 2570m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 8/10
Trans Augrabies MTB Stage Race One of the largest of South Africa’s “Arid” Parks, Augrabies Falls National Park offers over 50 000ha of dramatic moonscapes, quiver trees, sightings of Fish Eagles, Gemsbok, Giraffe and Springbok through which cyclists will leave their blood, sweat & tears while experiencing so much exhilaration and fun! It is situated 120km south-west of Upington in the heart of the vast and beautiful Northern Cape, being home to unique riverine eco-systems, as well as one of the world’s largest waterfalls measured by flow of water per second. The weekend of 23 – 25 June 2018 will […]
1: 82km / 1055m
2: 84km / 1008m
3: 57km / 504m
24 Jun 18 to 30 Jun 18 (± 5 weeks until event)
R na / EUR1015
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 328km Ascent: 10500m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
New round of South Tyrol, Switzerland , Lombardy and Trentino in 6 days. 2015 Trans Tyrol Bike Rally takes us around his Majesty , King Ortler , through South Tyrol and the Swiss mountains , as well as the Trentino and the provinces of Brescia, Lombardy Sondrio.
1: 70km / 2000m
2: 56km / 2200m
3: 56km / 2000m
4: 56km / 1600m
5: 50km / 1700m
6: 40km / 1000m
24 Jun 18 to 30 Jun 18 (± 5 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 865km Ascent: 18195m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 8/10
    Tour Transalp The TOUR Transalp is the most famous and spectacular amateur stage race across Europe. A stage race for teams-of-two, with its unique structure and organization leads in seven day stages across the Alps and Dolomites. The TOUR Transalp is the original of this format of alpine crossing and goes into its fourteenth round next year. Years of experience have produced the improved quality as well as the sophisticated organization and event structure.  More than 1.200 participants can once again look forward to a challenging and exciting routing in 2017 (from June, 25th to July, 1st). On […]
1: 135km / 2342m
2: 138km / 2593m
3: 98km / 3025m
4: 135km / 3479m
5: 109km / 2492m
6: 120km / 2365m
7: 129km / 1899m
29 Jun 18 to 1 Jul 18 (± 5 weeks until event)
R4852 per person min. / 299 CHF
Rating: 2.5/5 (2)
Distance: 149km Ascent: 5550m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
This international three-day mountainbike stage race for pros and non-professional riders will be taking place between 1st and 3rd of July 2016. It will be run as one of the Swiss Cycling Events. The new cycling event will be organised in association with the municipalities of St. Moritz and Silvaplana. The renowned in South Germany based agency Sauser Sport & Event Management will run the sporting side and general organisation of the event. The Engadin mountain valley is one of the world’s most beautiful cycling districts and will play host to a prologue on the Friday and impressive marathon routes on […]
1: 10km / 800m
2: 72km / 2350m
3: 67km / 2400m
South Africa - WC
30 Jun 18 to 1 Jul 18 (± 5 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: /10
Trail Girl 2 Day Run A FUN 2 Day Trail Run event for Woman only, no men with Tutus allowed. Running on the beautiful Indigenous hiking trails and coastline of the Garden Route between George and Sedgefield. Date: 30 June – 1 July 2018 Venue: Far Hills Country Hotel, Wilderness, Garden Route, Western Cape Event Format: Solo’s Distances: Day 1: 18km, Indigenous forests Day 2: 16km, Lakes and Coasline Solo Entries: Solo Entry, no accommodation, including 2 lunches, and massage R2900 Solo Entry, no accommodation, including lunches and dinners and massages: R3200 Team Entries: Team Entry, no accommodation, including 2 lunches and massage […]
1: 18km / m
2: 16km / m
30 Jun 18 to 3 Jul 18 (± 5 weeks until event)
R1921 per person min. / EUR120-250
Rating: 4.4/5 (1)
Distance: 224km Ascent: 7200m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 7/10
Bike Adventure In 2018, the Bike Adventure will be held at the Festival of Cycling – Bike Week in Szklarska Poreba. Karkonoska stage race will be part of the Festival of Bike Week, during Which in Addition to entertainment and spectacular events dry as Bike marathon and road racing classic enduro competitions DH or Precisely Bike Adventure on the routes, Which are normally race and train the best Polish players MTB, also scheduled AIR Water show – jumping into the water, Dirt Jam and competitions for children – Junior Trophy. Bike Week has Attracted To Szklarska Poreba thousands of fans. […]
1: 65km / 1900m
2: 63km / 1850m
3: 63km / 2100m
4: 44km / 1580m
South Africa
1 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 646km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 7/10
CA2CX The CA2CX is a mountain bike tour that every keen mountain biker should experience. The tour takes place on the 1 – 8 July 2018. Please note that race entries are limited to 60 riders CA2CX MTB Tour is yearly ride that starts at Meerendal (Durbanville) heading up through Worcester, Montagu, Ladismith, Calitzdorp, George on to Knysna while raising funds for the Herberg Childrens Home. Full back up crew, vehicles and medical throughout The CA2CX tour founder JJ, decided during 2013 to make The Herberg Children’s Home the official beneficiary of the funds raised during the CA2CX tours.  In the beginning, 16 riders entered […]
1: 111km / m
2: 106km / m
3: 135km / m
4: 100km / m
5: 110km / m
6: 82km / m
Czech Republic
1 Jul 18 to 4 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R110 per person min. / EUR110
Rating: 3.28/5 (12)
Distance: 228km Ascent: 8400m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 10/10
  MTB Trilogy is a mountain bike stage race in the Broumovsko region on Czech – Poland border. The race center is in the small town of Teplice nad Metují. At one time the race is taken in two disciplines: MTB Marathon and ENDURO. The race consists of a prologue and three stages, each has a completely different character and quite challenging profile (both technically and physically). Start and finish of each stage are always at the same place. Stages are characterized by a large number of single trails and only the necessary minimum of road sections. This four-day event […]
1: 8km / 500m
2: 70km / 3000m
3: 70km / 3000m
4: 80km / 3000m
2 Jul 18 to 9 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R40000 per person min. / USD: $1200
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 500km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
The Laikipia XC is a 6 day mountain bike stage race that takes place in the vast wilderness of Central Kenya from 7th-12th July 2014 Riders will experience the region’s breath-taking scenery, a variety of ancient cultures and a once in a lifetime opportunity to dominate some world-class mountain biking trails… Read more
1: 50km / m
2: 84km / m
3: 124km / m
4: 75km / m
5: 73km / m
6: 46km / m
2 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R6000 per person min. / EUR390
Rating: 4.93/5 (3)
Distance: 359km Ascent: 12451m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Alps Epic The Alps Epic is a marathon stage race – Prologue + 5 stages of 50-70km per day – Pairs racing – Inspired by the Grande Traverse des Hautes-Alpes, the inaugural 2016 edition and the second edition in 2017 mark the start of a legend in the making which will, over the coming years, show off the incredible singletrack of the Grande Traversée des Hautes-Alpes in its entirety. The race truly is EPIC: point to point racing over a week, requiring all the strength and bike handling skills a rider has, with everything else taken care of by the […]
1: 11km / 380m
2: 69km / 2313m
3: 70km / 2333m
4: 49km / 1466m
5: 85km / 3178m
6: 75km / 2781m
4 Jul 18 to 11 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R21974 per person min. / USD: $2149
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 310km Ascent: 8964m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 7/10
The BC Bike Race Welcome to the West Coast Mountains, the lush rain forests and our unique handmade mountain bike trails. It is these lovingly crafted singletrack gems that have created such high demand for the BC Bike Race. 2016 will be the 10th anniversary of BC Bike Race the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.  The inventory of trails is only increasing but the journey, the experience remains the same – “The best week on a bike”!
1: 48km / 1164m
2: 52km / 1096m
3: 59km / 1598m
4: 50km / 1631m
5: 39km / 1525m
6: 55km / 1954m
7: 20km / 857m
6 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R14400 per person min. / USD: $1200
Rating: 5/5 (1)
Distance: 173km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
The Zambezi River is 2700 kms in length and crosses through 7 countries before finally reaching the Indian Ocean. A lifeline to animals and humans alike, it also provides electricity and a natural beauty that brings tourists from afar to see it. Where the Zambezi plunges over 100 meters into the Batoka Gorge and forms one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, The Victoria Falls, sets the backdrop of the inaugural Zambezi Cycle Challenge for in 2015..Read more
1: 58km / m
2: 70km / m
3: 45km / m
6 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R na / USD: $285
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 126km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 4/10
  3 Marathons in 3 Days Race Founder, Larry Lawson, claims that this ultra-marathon came about ‘by accident’, as there was a “Run A Marathon in Three Days” event on the race calendar in Cairns in 2012, but Larry said “I’ll do Three Marathons in Three Days”, and soon he had enlisted other runners to join him. It is a popular event for those clocking up their marathons, and ultra-runners who want to give a stage race a go. The 3 Marathons in 3 Days is a staged trail race in the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland. It is […]
1: 42km / m
2: 42km / m
3: 42km / m
6 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R1000 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 140km Ascent: 9000m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 8/10
Ultra Norway Race The Ultra NORWAY Race is a non-stop foot race of 140 km, with 9000 meters of positive and negative elevation. Competitors are semi Self-Supported. The adventure takes place in Norway, from the Lyngen Alps to Tromsø, 350 km north of the Arctic Circle. Participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers. There’re check points located at regular intervals. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipments, food and personal equipments. The limit time to cover the entire distance is 48 hours. To be authorised to continue the event, runners must set off again from the […]
1: km / m
2: km / m
3: km / m
South Africa
6 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 81km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
iSimangaliso Trail Challenge The inaugural iSimangaliso Trail Challenge will take place from the 17th – 20th August 2017.  It’s the first running event of this nature to be hosted in the iSimangliso Wetland Park. All stages start and finish at Sugarloaf Campsite where the race village is located, other than the third and final stage which starts at Cape Vidal. The race is well suited to a variety of runners with a relatively small amount of elevation gain across the 3 stages. While the sand dunes do provide some challenging sections, the general profile of each stage is quite flat when […]
1: 6km / m
2: 37km / m
3: 38km / m
South Africa - WC
7 Jul 18 to 8 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 2.4/5 (2)
Distance: 47km Ascent: 1900m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 4/10
A magical 2 day trail run in the exquisite Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve & Conservancy, 22km from Heidelberg in the Cape, highly rated by seasoned trail runners. Mountain trails lead you through a fairyland of indigenous forests; giant Redwood tree forest; endemic fynbos and lush river valleys and streams. Rated as fairly strenuous with 95% single track with a great variety of terrain. Undulating climbs, reaching mountain ridges with views towards Barrydale and winding back down into lush valleys and kloofs where you can quench your thirst in the pure sweet mountain water on route. This reserve is one of 8 […]
1: 32km / 1270m
2: 15km / 580m
7 Jul 18 to 7 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R69 per person min.
Rating: 2.5/5 (2)
Distance: 700km Ascent: 20000m Days: 1 Technical difficulty: 7/10
20K UltraTrail The 20K UltraTrail is an incredible adventure! The 20K UltraTrail is one of the hardest mountain bike trail of the world with a distance of 700 km and more than 20,000 vertical meters The 20K UltraTrail is probably the most “highest” European MTB trail whose streets are often above 2500 m above sea level. The 20k UltraTrail is an epic that will bring the adventurous bikers, riding theri own bike in total autonomy, throughout the territory of the Italian and French Alps up to the Mediterranean Sea. The main points of this incredible adventure One stage – a […]
1: 700km / 20000m
7 Jul 18 to 14 Jul 18 (± 6 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 1060km Ascent: 18700m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 5/10
Madrid Lisbon Road Bike Madrid Lisbon Road Bike is a challenging and great route through one of the biggest mountain ranges in Europe! Its eigth consecutive days biking more than 100km, almost as if you were in a great COMPETITIVE CYCLING TOUR.  A challenge, a traverse, an adventure.  Two countries, two capitals and 15 mountains between the two! 7 days in the mountains and one by the sea! 8 Stages,  1060 km of pure fun in the mountain roads and more than +18 700 meters ascent in total! Are you up to it? This Epic Traverse accurs once a year […]
1: 130km / 2100m
2: 120km / 2150m
3: 104km / 2400m
4: 146km / 2750m
5: 136km / 2800m
6: 106km / 1800m
7: 157km / 2150m
8: 162km / 2550m
9 Jul 18 to 14 Jul 18 (± 7 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Trans BC Enduro  Welcome to the inaugural Trans BC 6 Day Enduro Race.  This event has been in mist of ideas and creation for 3 years now but instead we went in the direction of putting on the BC Enduro Series and KR Enduro Series from 2014.  Now from these 2 series and having put on 20 enduro races throughout BC over the past 2 years, we have greater knowledge of trail networks, communities, connections and everything in between to bring to you 6 sweet days of riding some of the best trails in the world! This is no alps, […]
1: km / m
2: km / m
3: km / m
4: km / m
5: km / m
6: km / m
10 Jul 18 to 15 Jul 18 (± 7 weeks until event)
R na / EUR1500
Rating: 5/5 (1)
Distance: 150km Ascent: 700m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Racing Madagascar   RACING MADAGASCAR is a trail-type sporting event with stages from 10 km to 42 km in 6 days. The path has been evaluated by ITRA and offers a cumulated distance of 150 km and 700 m ascending elevation. The stages will be dispatched along: Stage 1 from Beamalona Waterfall (Close to Anivorano) to Marovato: 20km; 647D+; 755D- ; Time limit 6.00hrs. Stage 2 from Marovato to Boriravina: 26km; 179D+; 499D- ; Time limit 8.30hrs. Stage 3 from Boriravina to Ankerika: 27km; 354D+; 353D- ; Time limit: 9.00hrs. Stage 4 from Ankerika to Ampondrafeta: 42km; 454D+; 470D- ; […]
1: 20km / m
2: 26km / m
3: 27km / m
4: 42km / m
5: 28km / m
6: 10km / m
12 Jul 18 to 15 Jul 18 (± 7 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 134km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 6/10
  The Star of the South The Star of the South 13-16 July 2017. Discover 4 challenging trails, 3 charming, 2 distances each route The Star of the South will be 13-16.07 in the glare of Babia Mountain, which rises proudly in Beskid High in the municipalities of: Stryszawa, Maków Podhalański and Zawoja. These beautiful, unspoilt and unexplored areas waiting for players who decide to start in these exceptional events. Every day, a scenic route will take participants to a height of over 1,000 m n.p.m! Such clearance is a rarity during similar events in the country. Wytyczaliśmy route with […]
1: 52km / m
2: 30km / m
3: 52km / m
13 Jul 18 to 17 Jul 18 (± 7 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Vic Falls MTB Challenge Mountain Biking through some of the most scenic places in Southern Africa, this has to be one of the most exciting events you can do, testing your skills against the terrain and keeping your senses sharpened for any encounters with the local wildlife. ..[read more]
1: 70km / 900m
2: 88km / 550m
3: 80km / 926m
South Africa - MP
14 Jul 18 to 15 Jul 18 (± 7 weeks until event)
R795 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 154km Ascent: 2900m Days: 1 Technical difficulty: /10
Bestmed Jock Cycle Classic The 2016 edition of the Bestmed Jock Cycle Classic Presented by Rudy Project, which is an official premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, takes place on 16 July 2016 on the traditional route between Nelspruit, White River and Sabie. Entries limited to 800 riders. THE 2016 STAGES ARE AS FOLLOWS: Stage 1: Nelspruit – White River: 42km Stage 2: White River – Sabie (via Spitskop): 45km Stage 3: Sabie – Nelspruit (via Long Tom Pass): 63km TOTAL ASCENT: 2900 METRES STAGE 1: The first stage, which starts at 6:30, goes out from the […]
1: 42km / m
1: 45km / m
1: 63km / m
15 Jul 18 to 21 Jul 18 (± 8 weeks until event)
R9655 per person min. / EUR899
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 503km Ascent: 18185m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: /10
Bike Transalp The BIKE Transalp powered by Sigma is one of the most popular mountain bike stage races in the world. Frequently copied but never equalled since its inaugural edition, the iconic event has quickly become a myth in the scene – thanks to a jaw dropping scenery, amazing single trails as well as tons of climbing only the Alps can offer. Race organisers have put together a route which is once again the perfect mix of adventure and mountain bike romantic in a stunning scenery with the route leading in seven stages over 503km and 18,185 metres of climbing […]
1: 89km / 2942m
2: 102km / 3512m
3: 67km / 2239m
4: 57km / 2393m
5: 50km / 1967m
6: 78km / 2772m
7: 58km / 2179m
16 Jul 18 to 20 Jul 18 (± 8 weeks until event)
R650 per person min.
Rating: 2.5/5 (2)
Distance: 220km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
Namib Desert Challenge The Namib Desert Challenge is a 220km multi-day trail race, which will test both your physical and mental limits. Competitors originate from all four corners of the globe and will test themselves against the elements. Extreme heat, rugged terrain, rocky-mountains, the famous Sesriem Canyon, culminates in the summiting of two of the highest dunes in the world: Dune 45 and “Big Daddy”. We have found the perfect balance to cater for all types of athlete/runner, if you’re a racing snake, a middle of the pack, or just along for the adventure, we believe the NDC will exceed […]
1: 42km / m
2: 46km / m
3: 44km / m
4: 56km / m
5: 28km / m
18 Jul 18 to 22 Jul 18 (± 8 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 4.4/5 (1)
Distance: 217km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
Transmaurienne Vanoise The Transmaurienne Vanoise returns to its land of origin in Haute Maurienne with new and unique way. The competition mode, which is the historical race, allows to MTB enthusiasts and people who like effort to challenge the timekeeper. Composed of a prologue and four stages from Wednesday the 20th (prologue) to Sunday the 24th, the general ranking is made by adding each race’s time of five days (prologue + 4 stages). However, if you don’t want to (or you can’t) participate for the five days, it’s possible to freely register for 1, 2, 3 or 4 days of competition. You […]
1: 15km / 200m
2: 69km / 2900m
3: 50km / 1700m
4: 51km / 2900m
5: 35km / 1600m
21 Jul 18 to 28 Jul 18 (± 8 weeks until event)
R8000 per person min. / EUR550 - 650 - 750
Rating: 3.25/5 (17)
Entries open: 14 Dec 2014
Distance: 700km Ascent: 26000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: 9/10
The Iron Bike offers a hardcore week of mountain bike racing in the glorious surroundings of the Italian Alps. Over seven stages and eight days you’ll cover 700km in distance and 22km of climbs and will be spending up 12 hours a day on your bike. With only 50% of riders surving the week it’s fair to say this isn’t the first stage race you should enter. The Iron Bike will test you through high altitude climbs, technical descents and special timed stages. You may not be able to walk properly for a week at the end of the race […]
1: km / m
2: km / m
3: km / m
4: km / m
5: km / m
6: km / m
7: km / m
8: km / m
22 Jul 18 to 27 Jul 18 (± 9 weeks until event)
R1802 per person min. / EUR300
Rating: 1.92/5 (5)
Entries open: 30 Nov 2014
Distance: 364km Ascent: 12270m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 8/10
Sudety MTB Challenge is the oldest mountain bike stage race in this part of Europe, gathering riders from all over the world. It’s a classic 6-dayevent held in a beautiful area of Sudety mountains, which offer unique and pristine trails. Pure MTB feast! Prologue and six stages plus additional races for the newbies and “not yet ready” (3 days of racing on full or shortened distance). The variety of racing options will meet every mountain biker’s abilities and expectations. [read more]
1: 36km / 1119m
2: 66km / 2395m
3: 68km / 2186m
4: 51km / 1845m
5: 93km / 2850m
6: 50km / 1875m
South Africa - EC
23 Jul 18 to 26 Jul 18 (± 9 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 2.87/5 (3)
Entries open: 1 Jul 2018