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South Africa - FS
1 Dec 21 to 2 Dec 19 (Less than a week until event)
R18000 per person min.
Rating: 2.74/5 (29)
Distance: 1075km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 5/10
  How quickly four years have gone by. In that time the record has been lowered to 50 hours and 30 mins! Yup, you heard right. Just over two days to get to the end! Many riders though, will take the full five days. Stories of perseverance and resilience will make their way back to the race office as riders battle the heat and vast open spaces of the Karoo. Most riders are surprised by the unexpected privilege of being isolated for so long, with nothing but time and your thoughts. Lives will be changed, dreams shifted, and the future […]
14 Jan 22 to 13 Dec 20 (± 7 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 111km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 6/10
Superace Angkor Wat The great world heritage, over 600-year ancient buildings, that’s Angkor Wat, one station of SUPERACE.  Immersed in ancient cultures and surrounded by indigenous wildlife, you can explore the pristine tropical jungle surrounding Angkor Wat. Now visit the magnificent heritage; challenge the most primitive ancient wonderland. Let’s beyond the limit together. THE RACE 125K, 3-Days Elite Race Division: Male / Female / Teams Race Type Each participant must carry mandatory equipment throughout the race, see “mandatory equipment list” for further details. Teams are limited to 2 members without gender restrictions. Teams must pass check points and the finish […]
South Africa - WC
12 Feb 22 to 8 Feb 20 (± 11 weeks until event)
R32500 per person min.
Rating: 2.07/5 (6)
Distance: 550km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
The Trans Cape: Race concept: TransCape offers the discerning mountain biker a unique endurance event with the perfect balance between an adventurous on-the-bike challenge and a premium off-the-bike experience. An exclusive, limited field, multi-stage mountain bike race from George to Botrivier Only 100 riders, racing in 2 person teams or as solos 6 Stages, 6 days, 550 km 9000m vertical ascent Premium package comes standard Gourmet food showcasing the best local cuisine Accommodation in hotels and guest houses Evening dinner and prize giving functions in unique local venues TransCape is based on passion, attention to detail, love for the outdoors, […]
12 Feb 22 to 25 Apr 20 (± 11 weeks until event)
R225 per person min.
Rating: 4.6/5 (1)
Entries open: 30 Sep 2016
Distance: 77km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 5/10
The Lumberjack Lowdown What is the Lumberjack? Well it’s a 2 day stage race with multiple stage styles brought to you by the team who have bought you events like the Hellfire Cup, Kellevie 6 hour, Mtn Trails Hillbilly 24 hour and more. The philosophy behind the Lumberjack race format is about having an event that has something for all skill levels and trail riding styles. The Lumberjack has timed descents but is not a gravity enduro. The event uses some of our XC enduro course, but is not an XC race. The Lumberjack is purely and simply a trail […]
South Africa - EC
17 Feb 22 to 14 Feb 21 (± 11 weeks until event)
R5000 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 112km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
What is the Wild Coast Challenge? The unique Transkei coast line provides a scenic yet challenging setting for this three day trail event, with the 112 km from Mazeppa Bay to Nahoon covering a diversity of testing terrains, from low lying coastal forest, sheer cliff faces, narrow goat paths and soft sandy beaches changing daily with the moving tides. Since its inception in 2012 the RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge has become renown in East London as the ultimate bucket list event for trail enthusiasts. Participants must carry their own hydration and food for each day and, depending on the […]
18 Feb 22 to 1 Jan 70 (± 12 weeks until event)
RR5000 per person min. per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 200km Ascent: 6000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea offer a glimpse into forgotten plantations, elegantly built colonial houses, the spectacular tubular Pico Cão Grande, colorful natural beauty in the jungle, and unspoiled beaches. The race is an unique challenge to run through the archipelago, crossing cocoa and coffee plantations, witnessing the island’s unusual histories, and camping on idyllic beaches where five species of marine turtles still lay their eggs when in season. Of course, the race finishes at the Equator Line – São Tomé is the closest country on earth to the coordinates 0°N 0°E – […]
South Africa - EC
25 Feb 22 to 20 Feb 21 (± 13 weeks until event)
R2400 per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 1 Nov 2018
Distance: 160km Ascent: 1200m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 3/10
Ride The Karoo on a 160km or 80km journey through the beautiful Sneeuberg region experiencing wildlife, a water point stop like no other in the off-the-beaten-path village of Nieu Bethesda to the typical windpomp scenes along the way back to Fairview Farm. The Karoo and its people truly show in the food! Participants will be treated to spitbraais, fresh farm bread, condensed milk coffee, koeksisters & craft beer.  
South Africa - WC
26 Feb 22 to 16 Feb 21 (± 13 weeks until event)
R750 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 18 Nov 2016
Distance: 90km Ascent: 1810m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 3/10
The popular Stanford MTB Tour is rebranding and relaunching to become the Stanford MTB Classic; and while many of the aspects will remain unchanged new race director Anneke Viljoen has exciting plans to refine the event into a true South African classic. Taking place on the 17th and 18th of February 2018 the Stanford MTB Classic remains a two day, untimed, stage ride – aimed at experienced mountain bikers who happen to be new to stage racing, and long-time stage racers looking for a change of pace. The relaxed and beautiful setting at Stanford Valley Guest Farm provides the perfect […]
South Africa - Eastern-Cape
18 Mar 22 to 1 Jan 70 (± 16 weeks until event)
RR750 per person min. per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 18 Nov 2016
Distance: 120km Ascent: 1440m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 5/10
The Owl Route is a luxurious glamping escape into the heart of the Karoo. It entails a 3-day mountain bike tour with entries limited to 70 riders. At The Owl Route riders will be treated to an all-inclusive riding and culinary experience in the quaint village of Nieu Bethesda. The rolling mountains of the Sneeuberge will remain the backdrop of the 3-day tour. You will be lead back to the welcoming arms of Nieu Bethesda and its hand-built, fully functioning water furrows and historic sites.
South Africa
19 Mar 22 to 1 Jan 70 (± 16 weeks until event)
RRR750 per person min. per person min. per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 18 Nov 2016
Distance: 120km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Do you long for a weekend away in the African bush with clean air, an abundance of game and beautiful scenery? How about combining this with mountain biking, a Jo Black concert, beer garden, campfires and great food? If this sparked your interest, then we have just the event for you! Faces Advendurance has joined hands with Zwartkloof Private Game Reserve and ELEOS (an NPO that helps communities in need) to host the first-ever Bosveld Trap (Bushveld Pedal) on 19-21 March 2022. THE EVENT This family-friendly, 3-day stage event will have shorter distances than the traditional stage races, which makes it […]
South Africa - WC
20 Mar 22 to 20 Mar 21 (± 16 weeks until event)
R42000 per person min.
Rating: NAN/5 (2)
Entries open: 23 Mar 2015
Distance: 750km Ascent: 16000m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
The Absa Cape Epic is the most televised mountain bike stage race in the world and the only eight-day mountain bike stage race classed as hors catégorie by the Union Cycliste Interacionale (UCI). This official UCI status makes it a highlight on the professional racer’s calendar. The Absa Cape Epic also attracts aspiring amateur riders wanting to test themselves against the best. It is a full-service race, meaning that everything is taken care of from the start – all riders need to think about is riding. The Absa Cape Epic takes place in the Western Cape in South Africa but […]
25 Mar 22 to 11 Apr 20 (± 17 weeks until event)
R40421 per person min. / EUR3100
Rating: 1/5 (1)
Distance: 250km Ascent: m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: /10
The MARATHON DES SABLES  is a running race, open to walkers, in 6 stages, in food self-sufficiency and in free pace over a distance of approximately 250 kilometres, with the obligation for the competitor to wear his equipment (food and compulsory material). 1st day:       Departure by plane from Paris, Transfer to bivouac. 2nd day:   Technical, administrative and medical checks. from 3rd to 8th day:  Timed stages in food self-sufficiency. 9th day:   Timed “Solidarity” stage in food self-sufficiency. 10th day:  Free day, Ouarzazate 11th day:  return flight to Paris.
1 Apr 22 to 4 Oct 20 (± 18 weeks until event)
R3152 per person min. / EUR205-340
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 10 Jun 2019
Distance: 125km Ascent: 4300m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Costa Brava Stage Run The Costa Brava Stage Run (CBSR) is the stage race of the Costa Brava. It is a unique experience in an incredible environment (chosen as the best tourist destination in the world in 2012 by the National Geographic magazine). It’s 3 days of running by the sea. But also of adventure, companionship, coexistence, GR-92, unbelievable small beaches, turquoise waters, botanical gardens, seawalks, kilometric beaches of fine sand, small fishing villages, of Mediterranean Sea, of Dalinian landscapes, Natural Parks, but finally what we are all looking for are emotions and unforgettable memories. During these 3 days, the […]
8 Apr 22 to 18 Oct 20 (± 19 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 158km Ascent: 2954m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 6/10
Glacier Cradle Traverse The Future of Mountain Biking in Gauteng The exquisite Avianto Lifestyle Estate set alongside the Crocodile River, only 30 minutes from the city and 10 minutes from Lanseria Airport, will play host to what is set to become the premier mountain bike event on the Gauteng race calendar. This 3 day stage race will include never-before ridden areas in the Cradle of Humankind, Muldersdrift, as well as tracks in adjacent estates and conservancies. Join us from 8-10 April 2022 for a race like no other…
United States of America
11 Apr 22 to 18 Apr 20 (± 19 weeks until event)
R12855 per person min. / USD: $900
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 225km Ascent: 6100m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 8/10
PISGAH MTB STAGE RACE 76% SINGLETRACK • 19% DIRT ROAD • 5% TARMAC APRIL 11-16, 2022 – BREVARD, NORTH CAROLINA 5 days | 140 miles/225 km | 20,000+ ft/6,100+ m of elevation gain 3/4 of the miles/km are technical singletrack! 5 stellar routes in Pisgah National Forest. Pisgah has earned a growing reputation for having some of the best trails in the country, and this five-day, fully supported endurance event delivers an unmatched sampler platter of some of the best singletrack in the country. The course includes the East’s most rugged trails. Come sample spring riding in Pisgah National Forest […]
12 Apr 22 to 3 May 20 (± 19 weeks until event)
R14688 per person min. / EUR650€/750€
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 19 Nov 2019
Distance: 146km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
Peneda-Gerês Trail Adventure (PGTA) is organized by Carlos Sá Nature Events, with the support of ADERE Peneda-Gerês and of the Municipal Chambers of Arcos de Valdevez, Melgaço, Ponte da Barca, Montalegre and Terras de Bouro, and authorized by Peneda-Gerês National Park (PNPG). The race is run in 5 Days|5 Stages in two different versions: Advanced Version, with longer distances, and Starter Version in which participants can run a shorter distance in most stages. The courses pass through some of the most emblematic places of the region, with a natural and cultural heritage unique in the world.
16 Apr 22 to 23 Apr 20 (± 20 weeks until event)
R42472 per person min. / USD: $3450
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 5 Jan 2018
Distance: 170km Ascent: m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: /10
  The Mustang Trail Race is an 8-stage, 170 km, high-altitude trail race through the fairytale landscape of the culturally Tibetan region of Nepal, hidden just behind the stunning 8000m Annapurna Massif. It mixes challenging running on centuries-old trading trails between traditional, oasis-like villages at altitudes from 2900 m to 4,300 m! There’s plenty of downtime for recovery and exploration of the culture: caves, monasteries & Hindu temples. Run with a light pack, eat well & sleep in comfort in ‘tea-houses’.
19 Apr 22 to 25 Apr 20 (± 20 weeks until event)
R350 per person min.
Rating: NAN/5 (19)
Entries open: 1 Jun 2019
Distance: 262km Ascent: 5720m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 7/10
  4 Islands MTB Stage Race – Unique race in the world of mountain biking 19th April – 23rd April 2022 The most important race in Croatia and wider. Combination of authentic locations and top service level offered by organisers makes this race an outstanding event in the mountain biking world, race that has already been experienced by riders from 33 countries around the globe. 4 Islands MTB stage race is inviolable a unique stage race that offers participants to bike on 4 different islands within 5 consecutive days passing by distinctive environments and challenging trails of islands Krk, Rab, Cres […]
22 Apr 22 to 2 May 20 (± 21 weeks until event)
R24800 per person min.
Rating: NAN/5 (10)
Distance: 900km Ascent: 12000m Days: 9 Technical difficulty: 5/10
Ride the beloved country joberg2c is riding the off-roads less travelled and trails never travelled across four provinces of South Africa. It is sharing a passion for mountain biking with those who love riding. The communities, the trails, the landscapes and the feast of flavours all conspire to make this a journey for the soul. Life is short – Just ride joberg2c is a 900km, 9 days, 110% mountain bike adventure across four provinces of South Africa. It is 99.5% off-road, passing through 220 private farms with more than 280km of single track trails. Starting 85km south of Johannesburg and […]
29 Apr 22 to 25 Oct 20 (± 22 weeks until event)
R3900 all included per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 210km Ascent: 2200m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
WHERE All stages will start and finish at Harmonie farm, 12km West of Steynsburg town. GPS Coordinates: 31* 21’30.07″ S     25* 43’08.30″ E Click on the ‘Maps & Directions’ icon above to see map and directions to Race Start ​ ON ROUTE This route will mainly consist of district gravel roads, Jeep- and singletrack crossing private farms in the Steynsburg region. ​​​ All  stages will start at 08:00​ STAGE 1 – 23 APR – 08:00 – 72km, 1000m ASCENT STAGE 2 – 24 APR – 08:00 – 55km, 900m ASCENT STAGE 3 – 23 APR – 07:30 – […]
South Africa - EC
29 Apr 22 to 9 Aug 20 (± 22 weeks until event)
R6950 per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 1 Apr 2020
Distance: 223km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 5/10
The Great Kei Trek, is a 3-day, 223km race/ ride that will be something new and exciting on the MTB calendar. The race is scheduled to start in Queenstown, also known as the “Rose Capital of South Africa” in the Eastern Cape, a town founded in 1853 and finish in the picturesque seaside village of Morgan Bay some 3 days later. This is definitely something for you. A solo and 2-rider team race, fully catered for, with different tented accommodation options and some new and exciting tracks, and of course some stunning Eastern Cape Hospitality – something that will get […]
South Africa - WC
30 Apr 22 to 27 Apr 20 (± 22 weeks until event)
R2150 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 68km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Cape Crusade is an epic 3 Day Mountain Trail Run through the beautifully rugged Hottentots Holland Mountain Range. The route is point to point, starting at Oak Valley in Grabouw and finishing in Knorhoek Somerset West 3 days later. The route is single track heaven and incorporates some of the best trails in the country, if not the world! ​ ​ The race is fully supported and the entry fee includes single tented accommodation in the race village in the most magical setting. As well as 5 Star Meals and lots of other goodies. ​ Day 1: Oak Valley to […]
1 May 22 to 11 Nov 20 (± 22 weeks until event)
R na / USD: $3,800
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 250km Ascent: m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: /10
The Namib Race 2021 starts on 01 May and takes place in the beautiful country of Namibia. The race takes place in the Namib Desert in the Erongo region and within the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The race finishes close to Swakopmund which is our host town for the event. This is a true desert race you will see real desert landscapes. You will be treated to the full spectrum that a desert has to offer, and will see diverse scenery and terrain as you complete the 250 kilometer / 155 mile course. This includes running into the Namibian ‘Moon Valley’, traversing salt […]
South Africa - EC
3 May 22 to 24 Mar 21 (± 22 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 Jan 2018
Distance: 52km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 4/10
This North event runs from Port St Johns north to Mskaba where you will stay in a Tent on deck the 1st night, then at a River Lodge and then at the Drifter Lodge the last night. The North run do not have a rest day, but the last day will only be 9km and it will be the easiest of all the days. The River Lodge and Drifter Lodges are more up market than the Tents on deck, but all the accommodation are en suite. The Pondo Drifter Trail Run will take you on an exploration of the Wild […]
South Africa - WC
7 May 22 to 3 May 20 (± 23 weeks until event)
R900 per person min.
Rating: 3.6/5 (4)
Entries open: 2 Mar 2017
Distance: 90km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 6/10
The Houwhoek MTB Tour is a non-competitive 2 day MTB stage event. The objective is to give MTB’s and newcomers to multi-stage events (NOT NEWCOMERS TO MTB) the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of scenic, fun and non-competitive riding. However, make sure that you are fit as each of the two stages are approximately 50 km, mostly on gravel roads (including jeep and single tracks) and that you can and love riding single tracks
9 May 22 to 3 May 20 (± 23 weeks until event)
R200/300 per person min.
Rating: NAN/5 (7)
Entries open: 15 Oct 2018
Distance: 392km Ascent: 11000m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 6/10
DATE:  MAY 09-14, 2022 LOCATION: PORTUGAL ROUTE: – 6 DAYS – DISTANCE: 350 Km – ALTIMETRIA: 8,000 m   PHASES: PROLOGUE | 09/05/2022 | PINHÃO > ALIJÓ 2nd STAGE | 10/05/2022 | CASTRO DAIRE > CASTRO DAIRE 3rd STAGE | 11/05/2022 | CASTRO DAIRE > SÃO PEDRO DO SUL 4th STAGE | 12/05/2022 | VOUZELA > VOUZELA 5th STAGE | 13/05/2022 | THERMAL SPS > THERMAL SPS (3 TURNS) 6th STAGE | 13/05/2022 | VOUZELA > VISEU
South Africa - KZN
11 May 22 to 14 May 20 (± 23 weeks until event)
R7765 per person min.
Rating: 4.4/5 (1)
Distance: 265km Ascent: 3301m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 9/10
sani2c The most popular mountain bike stage race in the world. sani2c
South Africa - KZN
12 May 22 to 16 May 20 (± 23 weeks until event)
R7765 per person min.
Rating: 2.53/5 (6)
Distance: 265km Ascent: 3301m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 9/10
sani2c The most popular mountain bike stage race in the world. sani2c
South Africa
13 May 22 to 6 Sep 20 (± 24 weeks until event)
R2700 per person min. / USD: $215
Rating: 0/5 (4)
Distance: 240km Ascent: 6000m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
La Vuelta Al Huascaran – MTB epic Inspired by one of the most illustrious bike-touring routes on the planet, La Vuelta al Huascarán – MTB epic is Peru’s most distinguished stage race, designed to challenge and charm cyclists of all levels.  The route of the race passes through the highest mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, circumnavigating the countries highest peak – Huascaran (6768 meters high). It meanders through landscapes so striking that you quickly understand why these peaks are considered to be gods in the local legends. It cuts through small, picturesque towns that remain largely untouched by all the banter we hear on the news […]
United States of America
14 May 22 to 20 Mar 21 (± 24 weeks until event)
R3011 per person min. / GBP180
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 Dec 2017
Distance: 100km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: /10
  Run, walk or crawl a marathon a day for 3 days along the stunning Jurassic Coastal Path. 3 marathons in 3 days is a format that is challenging but achievable by most. Runners, joggers, and walkers all take on the challenge and start at different times each day. The routes each day are marked on issued maps but don’t require much navigation to follow as the coastal footpath is well marked along the way. The event is facilitated at the HQ area which is also the finish point of day 1. Meals, massage, shop, and briefing are all located […]
United States of America
18 May 22 to 22 May 20 (± 24 weeks until event)
R2300 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 522km Ascent: m Days: 9 Technical difficulty: 7/10
  The Track  THE TRACK Outback Race is a foot race of 520 km en 9 stages / 10 days and in Self-Supported. Each competitor must carry a backpack containing the compulsory equipments, food and personal equipments. The race takes place in the Northern Territory between Alice Springs and Uluru. The participants must follow the route as marked by the organizers and they have a road book. There are check points located at regular intervals. Every night a bivouac is proposed by the organization. A technical support and a medical team are present during the event. Competitors who cannot respect the limit […]
United Kingdom
22 May 22 to 31 May 20 (± 25 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 May 2019
Distance: 400km Ascent: 11200m Days: 8 Technical difficulty: 8/10
Staged by the same team that brought you the inspirational Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race®, the Cape Wrath Ultra® is a once in a lifetime, 8-day expedition race weaving 400km through the Highlands of Scotland. Entries for the next edition – 24th-31st May 2020 – of this extraordinary adventure will sell out quickly when entries open. Starting in Fort William, the race takes participants on an incredible journey linking ancient footpaths and remote tracks to the furthest northwesterly point of the British Isles, Cape Wrath. With towering mountains on one side and the crashing ocean on the other, the Cape Wrath Ultra® travels through stunning scenery and […]
United States of America
24 May 22 to 25 May 20 (± 25 weeks until event)
R5800 per person min. / USD: $499-1099
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 25 Dec 2014
Distance: 380km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: /10
In addition to being a fantastic 3-7 days of mountain biking, the Trans-Sylvania Epic is our non-profit’s annual fundraiser event. The mission of The Outdoor Experience Organization [501(c)(3)] is to improve upon Pennsylvania’s network of multi-use trails… [Read More] 
26 May 22 to 16 May 21 (± 25 weeks until event)
R na / EUR340
Rating: 4.4/5 (1)
Distance: 250km Ascent: 4228m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: /10
  This outdoor challenge is designed to promote the ongoing CHEMINS DU SOLEIL itinerary, bearing in mind that the route of the challenge changes every year. This challenge is organised by the Raid VTT (Mountain bike challenge) in close partnership with the Conseil général de la Drôme and the town of Gap. This sports adventure is considered EXTREME due to its dramatic altitudinal ranges (+ than 7,500 m). Read more
26 May 22 to 30 May 20 (± 25 weeks until event)
R150 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 15 Sep 2018
Distance: 485km Ascent: 7500m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 6/10
The 21th edition of the LCMT announces itself as a major CYCLISTS party! Join the famous 3 days road tour, including pittoresque Luxemburg. Check out the website for all accommodations including motorhome parking. But above all, ‘Be fast’, for only 600 places available! LCMT is a full package more days cycling adventure in beautiful Ardennes • Start and finish: daily at the local football stadium of RESC Houffaloise road tour for a maximum range of 200 cyclists which offers wonderful hilly asphalt in Luxembourg (+ 50% of total range) amidst a beautiful nature. The Mountainbike tour allows 350 bikers other […]
27 May 22 to 16 May 21 (± 26 weeks until event)
R160 EUR per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 15 Sep 2018
Distance: 262km Ascent: 7100m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 7/10
PLEASE NOTE: All riders can now transfer their ticket to next edition, which will be organized in Spa 13-16 May 2021… In case 2021 is not possible for this person, still 2022 is also an option. The 21th edition of the LCMT announces itself as a major CYCLISTS party! Join the famous 3 days mountainbike tour, full competition or ‘fun-rider’. Or perhaps, you are more in for a road tour, also 3 days including pittoresque Luxemburg. Another challenge is the 4-day tour COMBI (road/off-road)? Or even more: subscribe for the Ironman-like 4 days (!) triathlon (= with swimming and walking) and […]
South Africa - KZN
27 May 22 to 16 May 20 (± 26 weeks until event)
R4350 per person min.
Rating: 5/5 (1)
Entries open: 1 Oct 2014
Distance: 62km Ascent: 2780m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 5/10
The Giant’s Cup Trail Run (GCTR) is a 2-day stage race, set over the 5-day Giant’s Cup Hiking Trail, in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. At over 60km in length and often above 2000m in altitude it traverses some of the most magnificent scenery found in South Africa. The trail begins 6km past the Sani Pass Hotel on the left hand side of the Sani Pass Road and finishes 5 days later at Bushman’s Nek Hut which is 2.5km from the Bushman’s Nek Resort…[read more]
27 May 22 to 1 Jan 70 (± 26 weeks until event)
RR4350 per person min. per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 Oct 2014
Distance: 200km Ascent: m Days: 9 Technical difficulty: /10
You have already run through the desert!? You have already run through the jungle!? You have already run in the mountains!? You have already run in the snow!? But you have never run in the happiest country on earth! Bhutan is the only country in the world that measures the progress of society in terms of “Gross National Happiness”. Join us and experience the charm and magic of one of the world’s most secret countries. Experience an amazing landscape, run through evergreen prime forest, pass amazing monasteries and immerse yourself in traditional Buddhist culture. Start the race at the terrific […]
31 May 22 to 4 Jun 20 (± 26 weeks until event)
R27000 per person min. / USD: $1850
Rating: 0/5 (2)
Entries open: 3 Oct 2019
Distance: 254km Ascent: 4100+m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: 7/10
KILIMANJARO 2 NATRON (K2N) NEW DATES for 2020: SEPTEMBER 8-11 K2N is a 4-day mountain bike race held in the scenic and seldom traveled backcountry of northern Tanzania.  Cyclists race 4 stages through stunning landscapes and extraordinary wildlife areas, from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro to the shores of Lake Natron. The 2020 course will be approximately 255 kilometers (160 mi) long and feature over 4100 meters (13500 ft) of vertical ascent.  We are extremely proud of the K2N race course, which offers varied terrain, spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing, and the opportunity for racers to experience an incredible new culture. […]
1 Jun 22 to 29 Mar 20 (± 26 weeks until event)
R782 per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Distance: 86km Ascent: m Days: 2 Technical difficulty: 6/10
The course for Salama Hills (2) is more intense and technical than Salama Hills (1). The weekend of fun includes night racing; an evening stage of 5 km starting at 18:00 with 1 laps by day + 2 laps by night. Saturday 07:30 – 65 km main / 42 km Lite Saturday 18:00 – 3x 5 km  (1 lap day + 2 laps night) Sunday 07:30 – 45 km main / 25 km Lite Youth teams 15-17 must be accompanied by an adult Beer, BS & Massage available all weekend. Good level of physical fitness with average technical skills are sufficient, […]
South Africa
14 Jun 22 to 30 Oct 20 (± 28 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 0/5 (2)
Distance: 2150km Ascent: 33 000m Days: 27 Technical difficulty: /10
The Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa: a non-stop 2150km race along the length of the Freedom Trail from Pietermaritzburg to Wellington along a wide variety of off-road terrain – dirt roads, farm roads and tracks, footpaths and animal tracks. Many of the trails retrace old historic wagon routes which are no longer in regular use. Apart from the riding, there are numerous portage sections where riders will have to hike, push and even carry their bikes. The route traverses six terrestrial biomes and the geography ranges from coastal to mountainous to semi-desert. Anticipated temperatures during June/July can range from […]
South Africa
24 Jun 22 to 6 Oct 19 (± 30 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 1.84/5 (5)
Distance: 214km Ascent: 3554m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
  3 day stage race. Berg and Bush Some of the worlds best mountain biking. Starting at the Em’seni Camp on the banks of the Tugela River, the race winds down some seriously riveting single track to Winterton. Awarded best race in South Africa in 2009, we’ve been getting better and better with each year. Descent The 3 Day Descent is our Main Event for all those Competitive Riders/Racing snakes. The best “PROPER MOUNTAIN BIKING” by far with awesome single track and “Lekker” Prize Money.
1 Jul 22 to 16 Aug 20 (± 31 weeks until event)
R6330 per person min. / USD: $530-570
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Entries open: 12 Apr 2018
Distance: 230km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
  Crank the Shield Crank the Shield offers a unique experience to riders from across North America. This is Eastern North America’s most challenging and popular mountain bike stage race that combines amazing food over the duration of the event, baggage transport, event goodies, great aid stations and some of the best and most rewarding days you will experience on a bike. Riders will also experience some of the best mountain biking Eastern Canada has to offer.
8 Jul 22 to 11 Jul 20 (± 32 weeks until event)
R2000 per person min. / AUD200-350
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 126km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: 5/10
  3 Marathons in 3 Days Race Founder, Larry Lawson, claims that this ultra-marathon came about ‘by accident’, as there was a “Run A Marathon in Three Days” event on the race calendar in Cairns in 2012, but Larry said “I’ll do Three Marathons in Three Days”, and soon he had enlisted other runners to join him. It is a popular event for those clocking up their marathons, and ultra-runners who want to give a stage race a go. The 3 Marathons in 3 Days is a staged trail race in the tropical rainforests of Far North Queensland. It is […]
5 Aug 22 to 3 Aug 20 (± 36 weeks until event)
R4450 per person min.
Rating: 0/5 (2)
Distance: 148km Ascent: 2287m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
Storms River Traverse The beautiful and untouched gem of the Garden Route, will host riders on this 3-day mountain bike stage ride. With tracks hugging the rugged coastline and views only seen on postcards, this ride is designed around the intermediate cyclist looking for an adventure without having to spend hours training every day. The daily distances range from 50-70 kms and will traverse the mountains, plantations and coastline adjacent to the Village…[read more]   Storms River Traverse
South Africa
5 Aug 22 to 22 Aug 20 (± 36 weeks until event)
R12000 per person min.
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 25 Oct 2014
Distance: 700km Ascent: m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: /10
Jozi2Kozi This seven day, 700km challenge is not a race; it’s a journey of discovery. You will have the opportunity to experience some of South Africa’s most beautiful landscapes, and most challenging single track; you’ll indulge in culturally rich communities and their fine cuisine; you will have the opportunity to affect real change by giving back to the communities through which you cycle, but most importantly, you’ll test your mettle on what will prove to be a truly unforgettable experience. Jozi 2 Kozi Adventure Bike + Enduro Bike Challenge: Dates: 05 – 09 August 2022
5 Aug 22 to 14 Aug 20 (± 36 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 0/5 (4)
Distance: 180km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Mongolia Stage Race is an adventure experience, open both to runners and trekkers, that will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia. It is a unique event that allows you to spend every night under the roof of a traditional Mongolian ger (yurt), know the tastes of a region, and immerse in incredible landscapes. All the stages will enable every participant to discover mountains, unspoiled rivers, isolated lakes, remote dunes and sceneries of unusual beauty. RUN or TREK with an small backpack! We carry everything for you. Local people prepare dinner for us. You only have to ENJOY […]
South Africa - WC
6 Aug 22 to 9 Aug 20 (± 36 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 2.4/5 (1)
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 3 Technical difficulty: /10
The SOX 3 Day Trail Run is known as the most diverse 3 day trail run in South Africa and will again take place between 9-11 August 2019. Take on 3 unforgettable days in the Garden Route of South Africa – 3 unique routes starting with a mountain stage on Day 1 in the Outeniqua Mountains, beautiful trails through indigenous forest on Day 2, and finishing off with a rugged “on-the-edge” coastline run, indigenous forest trails and an exciting 60 m floating bridge across the Touw River on Day 3. Only 100 pairs and 100 solos will be allowed to […]
7 Aug 22 to 14 Aug 19 (± 36 weeks until event)
R9600 per person min. / USD: $1200
Rating: NAN/5 (15)
Entries open: 5 Aug 2019
Distance: 462km Ascent: 13589m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 5/10
La Leyenda, comfortably the most complete MTB challenge in the world… “My first stage race was a wonderful, once in a lifetime experience in a magical place, where it is difficult, but possible for anyone to finish. If you’re looking for a world class mountain bike stage race, La Leyenda is the best deal out there in stunning Colombia!” Tim Baker, USA – The fifth edition of South America’s premier mountain bike stage race in August 2021 (Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th August), in a completely new location, Valle del Cauca, Colombia.  – 2021 Registrations sold out in under 3 hours. […]
12 Aug 22 to 15 Aug 20 (± 37 weeks until event)
R1790 per person min. / EUR1790
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Distance: 900km Ascent: 12463m Days: 10 Technical difficulty: /10
Genco Mongolia Bike Challenge Dear athlete, dear friend, we present the Mongolia Bike Challenge. As you know, we are talking about a unique event in its type and, furthermore, a unique chance to race on your mountainbike in Mongolia. A long and challenging race, open both to professionals racers and high level amateurs, which will take place entirely in the lonely steppes of Mongolia from which, in the XIII century, the local herdsmen departed led by the valiant Gengis Khan in a short lived but also fast conquest of central Europe, China and the Middle east. Mongolia Bike Challenge will […]
13 Aug 22 to 25 Aug 20 (± 37 weeks until event)
R33800 per person min. / USD: $2315
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 260km Ascent: 2200m Days: 11 Technical difficulty: /10
Kilimanjaro Stage run is an annual multi-day 260 kilometers trail run that completely circumnavigates the mountain at 1400 – 2200 meters elevation. Offering hundreds of kilometers of footpaths with spectacular scenery at every turn and unrivaled trail running opportunities. This Kilimanjaro Stage run is lead by Simon Mtuy, the preeminent ultradistance trail runner in Tanzania, he has a mission to promote the sport of trail running in his country, and to bring more visitors to his country to experience the beautiful running in this unique ecological and cultural setting.
14 Aug 22 to 7 Aug 20 (± 37 weeks until event)
R10500 per person min. / 999
Rating: 0/5 (1)
Distance: km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: /10
Québec Singletrack Experience The only international stage race on the east coast of America, in its fourth edition. It’s not only a race, it’s also a ride, where riders enjoy at their own pace and without pressure the supernatural beauty of the boreal forest.   The Québec Singletrack Experience is an event in which you will discover incredible mountain-bike trail networks minutes from historical Quebec City, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. 6 stages, 6 days, 6 exceptional destinations and 1 permanent base camp, in downtown Quebec City, offering the simplest logistics of any stage race. Ride mostly on perfectly constructed […]
16 Aug 22 to 22 Aug 20 (± 37 weeks until event)
R23000 per person min. / CHF 1795 - 1995
Rating: NAN/5 (5)
Distance: 350km Ascent: 12000m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 5/10
SWISS EPIC – Pure mountain biking heaven in the majestic Swiss Alps The Swiss Epic is a demanding yet rewarding 5-day stage race. With a fresh new route each year, it’s a unique test of endurance, resolve and skill with the staggering beauty of the snow-capped, jagged skyline set as the perfect antidote to the physical and mental demands of off-road racing. Two-person teams, top professionals and ambitious amateurs alike, explore the seemingly endless, magical trails, staying overnight in Davos, St. Moritz and Lenzerheide– an unforgettable Alpine experience! Get more information  
18 Aug 22 to 23 Aug 20 (± 37 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 5/5 (1)
Distance: 190km Ascent: m Days: 4 Technical difficulty: /10
The Redback MTB Stage Race Race The Redback for your dream MTB holiday Alice Springs is surrounded by kilometre after kilometre of hand built single track made for mountain bikes by mountain bikers, and this award winning event allows you race the trails with an awesome four day event designed for everyone. The single track around Alice Springs really has to be ridden to be believed and if you have not been to Alice Springs before you’ll be blown away by the quantity and quality of riding, along with the jaw dropping Red Centre landscape. We’ve designed a race that […]
29 Aug 22 to 29 Aug 20 (± 39 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: 1.67/5 (3)
Distance: 250km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 10/10
  Fire and Ice Ultra 250km Fire + Ice Ultra Race 2022 starts on Monday, August 29th August and finishes Saturday, September 3rd September. Iceland’s Toughest Multi-Terrain race in the world. 250km of lava fields, volcanic ash, sand dunes, and boiling mud pools. In the Fire and Ice Ultra, the aim was to create a course that incorporated many of the most spectacular environments I had seen in races all over the world,  at the same time bringing the unique, spectacular, remote, and pristine Icelandic environment to your Feet In the Fire and Ice Ultra, my aim was to create a […]
4 Sep 22 to 5 Sep 20 (± 40 weeks until event)
R na / EUR675-999
Rating: 0/5 (2)
Entries open: 4 Nov 2019
Distance: 240km Ascent: 15000m Days: 7 Technical difficulty: 7/10
Pyrenees Stage Run We believe that there are many trail running races today as a result of the growing interest in the sport all over the world. We know that the calendar is saturated with them, but we also firmly think that we need a stage race in the Pyrenees. For people from abroad, this race is a great opportunity to discover the Pyrenees and then spend a little holiday in Barcelona. The concept that we present is equivalent to the Transalpine-Run, but adapted to the needs of our region and what we can do in a project that is […]
United Kingdom
5 Sep 22 to 22 May 20 (± 40 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: Not yet rated
Entries open: 1 May 2018
Distance: 380km Ascent: m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 10/10
The Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® The legendary Berghaus Dragon’s Back Race® follows the mountainous spine of Wales from north to south. This incredible 5-day journey is 315 kilometres long with 15,500 metres of ascent across wild, trackless, remote and mountainous terrain. It is the toughest 5-day mountain race in the world. The original Dragon’s Back Race® happened in September 1992, and ever since it has been whispered about with a mixture of awe and trepidation. Its reputation had reached legendary status with fell, mountain and ultra runners the world over by September 2012 when the second race took place. With the modern era of races now […]
5 Nov 22 to 13 Nov 20 (± 49 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: NAN/5 (2)
Distance: 212km Ascent: m Days: 12 Technical difficulty: 8/10
  Manaslu Mountain Trail  The Manaslu Trail Race is a challenging multi-stage trail race passing through some of Nepal’s most beautiful Himalayan landscapes in a part-circumnavigation of Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain. You’ll ‘run’ a total of ~130 km over 7 race days and hike ~40 km over two days. You’ll cross a 5,160m pass, sleep at a monastery, (optionally) peer over the border into wild Tibet, run above a glacier on the trail to Manaslu Base Camp and enjoy many awesome trails in between. You run with a light pack and all of your equipment is carried from […]
11 Nov 22 to 20 Nov 19 (± 50 weeks until event)
R na / USD: $2495
Rating: 2.8/5 (1)
Distance: 280km Ascent: 9000m Days: 6 Technical difficulty: 8/10
  YAK ATTACK: A RACE LIKE NO OTHER Climbing to the dizzying heights of 5416m above sea level, Yak Attack is the highest mountain bike race on Earth and now hosts the highest timed downhill enduro section – from 5416m down to 2800m above sea level over 8km! Due to the excellent reviews of our 2019 event, the 2022 edition will follow a similar format – more flowy singletrack, more Enduro trails to shred with the snow-capped mountains of the Annapurna’s as the backdrop. 280km, 9000m of ascent, and 2 very unique loops around Besi Sahar and Kagenbi will bring 7 days […]
15 Nov 22 to 23 Nov 19 (± 50 weeks until event)
R na
Rating: NAN/5 (3)
Distance: 250km Ascent: m Days: 5 Technical difficulty: 7/10
Desert Ultra Marathon This is the Namib Desert, one of the oldest deserts in the world, a vast region of Southern Africa that has been dry for more than 50 million years.  Daytime temperatures at this time of year can reach 50+ degrees but as night begins to fall, and the sunset turns the landscape into something otherworldly, the temperatures can drop to near freezing. You’re standing in baking heat and dust, surrounded on all sides by sand and scrubland.  The Spitskoppe Mountains loom over you, bare rock rising nearly 2 kilometers from the desert floor.  You’re a dot on […]
5 Dec 22 to 12 Dec 20 (± 53 weeks until event)
R27853 per person min. / GBP1990
Rating: Not yet rated
Distance: 100km Ascent: 3280m Days: 1 Technical difficulty: /10
100km of Namib Desert The 15th 100km of Namib Desert (Namibia) is a 5-day, 4-Stage, fully-supported footrace located the Namib-Naukluft National Park, in the Namib Desert, a coastal desert in southern Africa. After being forced, due to the situation relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, to cancel the 2021 edition  of the ‘100km of Namib Desert’ against our will, we are pleased to announce the new dates: 5-10 December 2022 The race 100 km of Namib Desert will take place in their summer season. In fact, below the equator, the seasons are reversed and this will be a perfect opportunity to leave the cold […]

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